1 out of 3 ain’t bad – I guess ???

Nobel Peace Prize – check
2016 Olympic Bid – not so much
Backing of G-20 – negative

Maybe Obama’s shine is wearing off in the world.  Looks that way to me.

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  1. caheidelberger

    Funny that, when all those durned furrinners say they like President Obama, the right wing will shout that Obama's not American enough. But when foreign rulers express displeasure with economic policies taken by the President to protect American jobs and businesses, the right wing suddenly rediscovers Wilsonian internationalism. Sigh.

  2. Troy Jones

    This G-20 fiasco is a blow to our world standing at a level I've never seen before. After all the promise he would improve our standing, this might be the most significant broken promise of all.

    Dem. Senators who are financially sophisticated and understand international commerce have got to be going "WTF?"

    The financial crisis is just getting started. 2008/2009 is going to look like a cake walk.

    Gas prices and commodities are going up because of the value of the dollar which will feed inflation.

  3. MikeH

    Cory, I dont care if foreigners like him or not.

    This was going to be the guy that fixed all of Bush's foreign policy mistakes, remember? Please remind of which of his foreign policy issues has amounted to a hill of beans?

    He turned his back on Israel and gave Netanyahu the cold shoulder during his visit. Our relations with Britain and Germany are lukewarm at best. He pissed off the Japanese last year (though is holding hands with them today). He failed to secure trade agreements with the South Koreans while simultaneously ignoring the North Koreans who thumb their nose at the UN daily.

    He use to have the international community fawning over him like one of the Beatles, now he cant negotiate his way out of a paper bag.

  4. Mike the Archer

    I was going to say that to be fair, our relation with the Muslim world have never been better. What with BO bowing before ever Muslim dignitary.

    Then I caught this from a Hindu newspaper.

    Quote: President Obama’s visit did nothing for peaceful relations between India and Pakistan.

    But luckily, he did bow before the entire Indian parliment after his speech.

    Quote: U.S. President Barack Obama bows after delivering his speech at Parliament House in New Delhi.

  5. Troy Jones

    Cory, you can be so ignorant and obviously don’t have a clue about international finance, which in this inter-connected world has profound effect on:

    Our productivity, employment, real wages, and capacity to fund our expected safety net for the poor.

    This fiasco was basically the rest of the industrial world saying: Your economic policies are a disaster and we aren’t jumping off the cliff with you. They reached this conclusion:

    1) They fully understand it and think we are nuts.
    2) They don’t have confidence we know what we are doing and aren’t signing up for what might be a ride on the Titantic. Or,
    3) They don’t believe we will follow through on our part of the deal.

    If #1 is the case, Obama should have known it and had a strategy to deal with it.

    If #2 or #3 is the case, he should have been spending whatever time it takes to give them the confidence they need so they’d get on board after this meeting.

    But no matter what, this is the first time our economic allies ever gave us the finger defiantly and in public since Hoover.

    The G-20 (representing 85% of the world’s economic activity) basically said the Fed’s plan to print money would devastate the world economy and they believe they can’t depend on US leadership to steer the world economy to recovery. If this leads to “every man for himself” attitude, it can quickly deteriorate to 1932.


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