1 week from today, candidacies may be set in stone.

This is mainly a notation to the Democrat legislative candidates out there, since many of them are placeholders, but you only have 1 week left to withdraw. If you fail to do so, your name will remain on the ballot.

August 7th marks the deadline for candidate withdrawals, with candidate replacements having to come in by August 14th.

Republicans have to contend with the replacement of Todd Schlekeway on the ballot, since he’s announced he will not be a candidate due to his new employment. That replacement will be interesting in and of itself, given the very conservative background of many of the GOP precinct committeemen and women who will make that choice.

For those Democrats who have already announced that they’re abandoning ship, they already have those seats that they have to replace candidates for in District 14 and 16 senate contests, and in house contests for District 10, District 16, and at least another one or two that I’ve heard about.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Spencer

    Does the SOS office have any solid numbers on how many placeholder campaigns on the Democratic side are being run from somebody’s dorm room? That would be very interesting to know.

  2. Slow down!

    Pat slow down! You are posting way too much for Cory Heidelberger to be able to keep up! You are making him look bad in the affirmative action world he lives in. Liberals have a serious disadvantage in this state and you should only be able to post once for every 3 posts he makes at madville.

    Dems have done a poor job recuriting legislative candidates this year.

    1. PP at the SDWC Post author

      I spawn posts quicker than I spawn children. That being said, don’t stand too close, you might get pregnant!

  3. John Carter

    Interesting that the announcement that he (Schlekeway) was going to resign his candidacy was made shortly after the primaries, and yet he is dragging his feet on filing the paperwork for the resignation of his candidacy.

    Seems to this observer that he’s purposely trying to put the GOP in a difficult situation in terms of fund-raising for the District 11 candidate that will replace him on the ballot.

    Either that, or maybe he plans on keeping his name on the ballot so that he can allow the governor to appoint his replacement. If that is the case, then that would certainly seem pretty unfair to the voters of District 11 .

    Can you imagine being forced to choose between voting for a Democrat candidate or a candidate on the Republican side who has no intention of actually taking office and serving you ?

    To this observer, that sounds more than a bit like a potential voter disenfranchisement scenario.

    In fact, if I were a registered independent voter in that district, I might just decide to take my chances and vote for the person who actually plans on representing me if they win, even if that person had a “D” behind their name.

    1. Anonymous

      District 11 has a long and storied tradition of GOP legislative appointments. Sen. Dick Hainje resigned and moved out of state. Rebecca Cradduck got appointed to the senate. Rep. Mike Jaspers carpet bagged from Eden, SD and publicly shopped for a district – ultimately settling into 11 as his new electoral home (which should have resulted in a forfeiture of his NE SD house seat when he registered elsewhere but didn’t because he’s Republican). Mitch Richter got elected to the senate then promptly resigned allowing Mike Jaspers to be appointed to a full senate term. Kerry Weems got appointed to Jaspers’s house seat.

      Who can blame the GOP for taking district 11 for granted when it has worked so well in the past?

  4. GOP Thunder

    Remember a few years back Todd Schlekeway was invalid in and got in trouble for voter fraud involving the Thune campaign. One would think Todd Schlekeway wouldn’t want those items from his past to comeback haunting him and his new employer. What if the people of District 11 decide to sue Mr. Schlekeway voter fraud or what if a criminal case takes place? I would think Todd Schlekeway wouldn’t want that if he plans on keeping his job or has plans for the future but I guess we will have to wait and see.

    1. Anonymous

      It wasn’t voter fraud. They didn’t have any ficticious or dead peoples names that they were trying to vote. They were guilty of not properly noterizing the absentee ballots at the time they picked ’em up and waiting until later.

      As I stated, not voter fraud . . . big difference.

      1. GOP Thunder

        I believe it was more than just that! I remember and have the documents showing vote buying with an iPod or such and yes the notiry issue like the fact that bunch of these fraudsters didn’t have notiry commissions. They got caught with there pants down and what about the voter fraud issue in Ohio Toddy was also involved in hmmm.

        1. Anonymous

          Maybe your memory is slipping:

          Five people face charges in connection with absentee ballot applications that were filled out on some South Dakota college campuses, [Republican] Attorney General Larry Long and other officials said Friday.

          They were identified as J—— A—-, 28; N—– M—–, 20; Todd Schlekeway, 27; R—— H—, 22; and E— F———, 24. F——— had been listed as a Republican Party employee. Officials said the rest were volunteers.

          All had resigned earlier from a GOP get-out-the-vote effort after questions arose as to whether some absentee ballot requests were signed by the student in the presence of the notary public whose seal was affixed to the request.

          “I don’t think we found that it was policy, what we found was sloppy supervision frankly,” Long said.

          (South Dakota Argus Leader)

          1. Anonymous

            I don’t personally know senator shlekaway but the above commenter looks like a dem in sheeps clothing if you ask me. Trying to stir up some ruckus in the gop.

            1. Anonymous

              I think you hit it totally in the bull’s eye when you said GOP Thunder is a Dem pretending to be a Rep. Schlekeway is a super nice guy, a good conservative, a good legislature and would listen to you. I wish him God’s blessings in his new job.

              1. Anonymous

                Are you people high or something? Todd is one of the most liberal people in Pierre. Look at his voting record and Tge fact he is a member of a bunch of ultra liberal groups and associations. Open your eyes people he is a RINO!!!

    1. Anonymous

      It’s not incredible, she does it all the time, unlike Tim Johnson.

      If you would listen to the news, you would have heard reports, including on KELO and KSFY, telling that Kristi has appeared before groups open to the public and taking questions. In the last 2 weeks alone she has been in Canton, Molbridge, Sioux Falls, Mitchell, Aberdeen and at an Ag Day in Baltic where it was reported over 1200 people were in the crowd listening and asking questions.

  5. Anonymous

    Whats wrong with actual conservatives picking Schlekeway’s replacement instead of people looking out for their own self interests.

  6. anon

    I hope Todd decides to stay on the ballot. That way if he wins, and isn’t able to serve, the Governor can appoint a replacement. I’d sure feel better about his choice than someone the wingnuts might be promoting.

    1. Anonymous

      That sir would be fraud and a felony under South Dakota law and from what I can gather they are ready to file a lawsuit if Todd doesn’t dropout