100 Blinded eyes at the Argus Leader?

Has anyone else noticed that the Argus Leader political show “100 Eyes on Politics” has been off the air for the past 3 or 4 weeks – which is pretty unusual for a political show, given there’s a severe bout of politics going on.  Has the Argus decided to change the name to “100 blinded eyes on politics?”  The show talking about politics hasn’t been seen since much web time since September.

Just today, I’m starting to hear rumors floating about of another major newsroom upheaval. And we haven’t seen much of Argus “Content Strategist” Patrick Lalley in the paper since early October.

And there’s also this profile page for Lalley which doesn’t seem to be there anymore.

Given all the chaos at the state’s flagship newspaper, maybe they need to open a few of their eyes… and clue the public into what’s going on.

20 thoughts on “100 Blinded eyes at the Argus Leader?”

  1. Nobody was watching it, so I’m not surprised they cut it. Why put all that time into a show that so few people watch. Most people have to work for a living and can’t take an hour off in the afternoon to watch a political show. I suppose people could watch the replay later in the day, but the content would have to be spectacular to entice people to do that.

  2. When I watched that internet tv show it was hard to bear because Mr. Lally would suddenly yell and screech into the microphone. And he seemed to really hate Republicans.

  3. You mean the piece of liberal garbage Argus Liar is corrupt? Jeepers, I’m shocked. Whoever put Lalley in charge of anything should be fired.

  4. Was in Sioux Falls yesterday at Avera for tests on my heart. (I’m a conservative, so the techs had a hard time finding it.) While waiting, read the Argus. The obits were a good read. Not so much the rest. All safe, predictable.

  5. Watched that show once and there were very few commenters including the associate of Cory Heidelberger who seemed to be a regular there. Lost interest.

  6. I’d rather watch the Real Housewives of wherever than watch something put on by the Argus Liar, so who cares if it’s off the air. I won’t read the rag either. There are too many other sources of news without the complete socialist slant that I don’t need to waste my time and money.

  7. In order to keep a show like this going, there needs to a least one producer. That would be an extremely tough job. I don’t expect any of the three are up to the task.

  8. Lalley was let go last Friday for cause. Today, a number of reporters and other staffers were laid off.

  9. Any one know which staff members at the Argus that were let go? That is very unfortunate and hate to see anyone lose their jobs. It is a very difficult time to be in the newspaper business.

  10. My good friend Lar is going to be upset because that show that Mr. Lalley put on where he would suddenly yell into the microphones was one of Lar’s favorites to talk about stuff here in the Great State of South Dakota from his home in New Mexico. Buck up, Lar, you can still be on the tweets.

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