18 Good Reasons to vote Republican in the race for Governor. Elections have consequences.

There’s been some mention of the importance of the vote for Kristi Noem for Governor on the basis that the person who takes that seat in January will be making at least two appointments to the South Dakota State Supreme Court in their first term of office.

Those appointments are set to come due as a result of State Supreme Court Justices set to matriculate out of office due to the mandatory age limit of 70 placed upon them under South Dakota law. I spoke to one pundit about that, and they wryly noted that it could be important if you’re concerned about alienation of affection and estate matters being heard, but most are not too worried about it.

More importantly, the election matters because of other aspects of the Governor’s power of appointment. And it mattered 18 times under the supervision of Governor Daugaard:

Date of Appointment District Name Chamber Replaced Party
11/17/11 21 Kent Juhnke Senate Garnos R
11/17/11 21 Dave Scott House Juhnke R
5/13/13 16 David Anderson House Miller R
6/5/13 12 Blake Curd Senate Johnston R
8/15/13 25 Kris Langer House Hansen R
12/17/13 8 Chuck Jones Senate Olson R
1/13/14 32 Alan Solano Senate Adelstein R
6/16/14 11 Mark Willadsen House Erickson R
4/30/15 16 William Shorma Senate Lederman R
5/6/15 25 Scott Fiegen House Rave R
11/19/15 9 Wayne Steinhauer House Hickey R
11/18/16 34 David Lust House Dryden R
1/31/17 8 Marli Wiese House Wollmann R
9/2/17 10 Doug Barthel House Haggar R
12/29/17 34 Michael Diedrich House Tieszen R
8/8/18 10 Maggie Sutton Senate Netherton R
8/8/18 26B Rebecca Reimer House Schaefer R
8/8/18 32 Scyller Borglum House McPherson R

In each and every instance, Republican Governor Daugaard appointed a Republican to assume the seat.

Had the chief executive for the State of South Dakota been a Democrat, make no mistake, that would have been reflected at the time of the appointment, which could have had some significant consequences for the balance of power in the State Legislature.

The choices for Republicans this election shouldn’t be predicated solely on what ‘could’ happen with the next Governor and how they exercise the power of appointment.

But it is a good illustration of the fact that elections have consequences.

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  1. Anonymous

    This is about issue number 1000 on my list. I feel like people are stressing about Noem’s race or something. She is going to win by 25%.

  2. Desdan

    Growing businesses (looking to expand) pass over S.D. because of one party government. Businesses don’t have one party customers so hooking up with a omnipotent majority limits their options. It’s time we diversify and become attractive to growing companies with growing ideas.

    1. Anonymous

      Growing businesses do not pass over SD because of a one party government. They come to us because we have low taxes, less regulations and…

      In a new study from GOBankingRates researchers found that South Dakota is the best place for middle-class individuals to live. The state has a college graduation rate of more than 48 percent, while in-state tuitions and fees for the 2017-2018 school year were about $8,450. The median list price for a home was $229,500 and the home ownership rate is about 69 percent.

  3. Anonymous


    I like how you predict the future… “but eventually”.

    If your wages are too low for the life style you desire, it’s because you made some bad choices.

    I have many friends working for Sanford and Avera making over $20 an hour. The School of Mines also provides people with the opportunity for a high paying job right here in SD.

  4. Anonymous

    The cost of living in MN is higher, they should be paid more. They have a larger population generating more money, so of course large companies look to them first. Don’t talk like SD doesn’t offer high paying careers or offer an education that leads to success.

    You apparently don’t know much about how destructive a dominant Democrat city/state can be. Many large companies fight back on higher taxes. In Seattle, Starbucks and Amazon fought back when a tax was going to be imposed on them which would help homelessness. Are you surprised they did that? I like you, you just need more time to learn, we’ll help.

  5. JKC

    My guess is that if we had a Democratic governor, that the number of Republican legislator resignations would collapse dramatically…..#ProblemSolved

    (“What do you mean I have to go back?…. I hate winters in Pierre….”)

  6. Yo, Desdan

    Hey, Desdan, I saw this and thought of you…

    That’s right, states with the worst fiscal condition – according to the Mercatus Center at George Mason University – are almost universally run by Democrats. The worst-run states are, in order starting from the bottom: Illinois, Connecticut, New Jersey, Massachusetts, and Kentucky. The five best-run states are, in order: Nebraska, South Dakota, Tennessee, Florida, and Oklahoma.

    Mercatus used official annual financial reports from state governments, as well as reports from state actuaries to measure each state on cash and budge solvency, long-term spending commitments, taxes and spending, debt, and pension liabilities.

    1. Anonymous

      South Dakota cannot make it’s yearly budget without Federal dollars since the state gets back more than what it pays in. States like Minnesota a Blue state with a thriving economy and budget surpluses have to help keep states like South Dakota afloat. Live within your means and bad choices?

      1. Anonymous

        Look I know I talk bad about you blue states all the time but can I get some cash please? I promise I’ll turn things around. I will. Please?

        1. Anonymous

          Accepting facts is absolutely the most difficult thing for leftists to do.

          It is unbelievably sad how you manipulate yourself into thinking Democrats have policies that help a state progress. I want to pity you, but I don’t.

          There are 2 studies with evidence showing SoDak is an amazing state, but because of your hate for Republicans and their policies all you can do is throw a fit. Pathetic.

  7. Anonymous

    Minnesota and the other blue states I just need more time to show my system works. I’m sorry I talk bad about you blue states. Can you give me cash so I can pay my bills and keep my people satisfied so they don’t throw us out? How about some cigs too. I promise I’ll quit!

  8. Desdan?

    Desdan, want to keep our conversation going…

    Have you seen this?

    San Fransisco is going to put a ‘head tax’ (Proposition 9) on the ballot. It taxes businesses per-employee which may help cover the city’s cost to clean up poop from the streets, shutting down open air drug markets and housing homeless people.

    This is similar to the one Seattle passed and then quickly repealed because Amazon pushed back hard, saying it punished businesses with a policy that had no marked effect on curbing homelessness.

    1. Anonymous

      Housing is extremely expensive there due to a thriving economy. Supply and Demand and plenty of homeless plus a legalized drug culture.

      1. Anonymous

        Where is that information? I’d like to look into it. At this point, what you say is an opinion. Where are the numbers to support your claim?

            1. Anonymous

              liar? Pull your head out of the sand. Look it up. Rents go up in a thriving economy. The Bay area is one of the most expensive areas of the country to live. Tech and other industries.


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