2 more primaries popped up last night.

Since I looked last, two more Senate Primaries have popped up.

In District 5, recent SDWC advertiser Neal Tapio filed petitions to run against Roger Solum in the Watertown Area for State Senate.

Here in my home district in Brookings, someone I’ve never heard of, Doug Post, has filed to take on Larry Tidemann for District 7 State Senate.

What a wild year!

22 Replies to “2 more primaries popped up last night.”

    1. Anonymous

      My speculation is that with divisive issues such as sales tax increase, medicaid expansion and the transgender issue and when people are jumping back and forth from house to senate and back there are more opening.

      2 cents thrown in

    1. Anonymous

      Neal is from Watertown. He does rent accommodations in Rapid City where he stays when he is doing business in western ND, Wyoming and western SD. He has his residence and office and an employee
      in Watertown.

  1. MC

    This election cycle is going to be a wild ride from the top down.

    Please keep All hands and feet inside the car at all times and enjoy the ride!

  2. Anonymous

    Solum traded his vote for the tax increase for money to pay himself at the votech. Shameful.

  3. Matt Bruner

    Pat, “someone you never heard of” beat you in a election at county level to be a delegate to the RNC. I know Tideman is your buddy, but how about showing Doug Post some respect and give him a bit of a forum.

    1. Anonymous

      Ouch! Come on Mr Powers, such dishonesty and favoritism for liberals like Tidemen have made this blog a joke.

  4. Thomas

    Whoever runs, we need to rid ourselves of the morally flexible RINO’s and progressives. Enough grabbing our ankles for the minority democrats, progressives and far left special interest groups now infecting South Dakota. Higher taxes, obamacare, MORE Medicare/Medicaid, mentally confused trans-whatevers in bathrooms with our children, etc. Enough!