2012 SD GOP convention discussion

Will the 2012 GOP state convention in Sioux Falls be exciting? Probably not compared to the fun we had in 2010. Conventions are always a great time, and I hope to attend again, but so far we aren’t going to be treated with the exciting races we saw two years earlier.

We have two Governor appointed PUC officials up for nomination, Chris Nelson and Kristie Fiegen. Currently discussion has slowed on any other likely entries into these two races.

The other two races at the 2012 convention will be the National Committeewoman and Committeeman.

All expect Dana Randall to seek a second term as National Committeeman. He has strong support with the more seasoned delegates and also with many newer faces in the party.

At the moment, the only position discussed with much interest among delegates and activists is the National Committeewoman position held by Mary Jean Jensen. Several individuals have told me Mary Jean is not going to run again. This wouldn’t be surprising news for the delegates who have consistantly been strong supporters. Mary Jean has served the state well, and we will wait for her official word on this matter.

Someone often discussed as a potential candidate if Mary Jean doesn’t run is Sandye Kading (former Chair of the Pennington County GOP). It is also speculated that in SD’s current political climate a candidate strongly aligned with the tea party could run for this position. And no one should rule out a potential candidate coming from the delegate rich Minnehaha/Lincoln area.

Contested races or not, conventions are a great time to gather and see old friends. I’m looking forward to it! (The convention is in June so we still have plenty of time for the races to change)

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  1. Anonymous

    I hope someone challenges Nelson and Fiegen. Nelson because he’s been around forever and Fiegen because she isn’t qualified. I haven’t been impressed with her yet and she has a long way to go. But she is a nice person.

    Randall has done an excellent job.

    Jensen has been there a long time that I wouldn’t mind seeing someone knew take the role. I’d support Kading over Deb Peters (her voting record as a legislator on life issues) that is the only other person I’ve heard discussed as a potential candidate. I guess I’ve heard Shantel Krebs discussed as a potential candidate also but would advise her to stay out of the political party hackery if she wants to run for Congress in the future. She has the potential.

    1. looking ahead

      Randall ushered in the recent domination that younger candidates now enjoy. His candidacy ended an era that went back to Janklow. Gant, Sattgast and barnett all can atribute a portion of their win to his victory in ’08. That was the first wave of new blood to hit an SD gop convention in a long time.

  2. insomniac

    Lora Hubbel is a name that comes to mind as a possible entry into the committeewoman race. When it comes to how she’d fare I will assume she’d split the Minnehaha delegates right down the middle between those who think she is crazy and those who think she is always right. Can you imagine Hubbel’s speech at the convention? She’d have her supporters.

    1. Anonymous

      I just hope someone live blogs or live streams the convention. As there a people that are doing their best to drive a huge wedge into the party, it would probably be good to have the discussion on record.

      1. delegate

        Hubble’s entire speech would likely be accusing Rave and other party folks of “Rank Corruption.” Not a good way to win especially if you don’t have a very large base.

        It is possible that she has the Melhoff connections to plant delegates but that is often more work than a first timer realizes.

  3. Spencer

    Is there a Planned Parenthood cheerleader position opening up in the GOP? Deb Peters would be a great fit for that. Deb Peters is nothing more than a pro-abortionist Judas when it comes to her loyalty to the GOP. Why on Earth are we even throwing her name around here? If you are to the right of Stan Adelstein on life issues, I would suggest that you support someone else.

  4. Anonymous

    Lucas Lentsch would make one heck of a candidate for PUC! Is he going to sit it out for School and Public Lands? RUN LUCAS! RUN!!!

    1. Anonymous

      Other than being a good Republican activist, why do you think he would be a good fit for the job? What qualifications should there be for the job?

      1. 73*

        How about Secretary of State and losing a congressional primary or running Junior Acheivement?

        Are those the kind of credentials your looking for?

        1. Anonymous

          Actually, no. You obviously don’t think Nelson or Fiegen are qualified, but that doesn’t answer what qualifications Lucas has for this position. Does he have a strong background in public utilities?

          I do find it more than a little disturbing that instead of building up Lucas, you chose to denigrate those Republicans already in office.

          Seems to be a lot of that going on these days.

  5. Anonymous

    I used to hear talk that Rep. Tom Bruner was going to run for PUC. He comes from the middle of nowhere but I don’t think that hurts him.

  6. Anonymous

    Someone please live blog this! Do you think that if we live stream the event we could sell pay per view tickets to put a camera on Stace’s head?

    I’m guessing the fire and brimstone he delivers to the RINOs that make up 99% of the party will feel his wrath. I mean after all, he’s the only true believer.

    Could be a good fundraiser.

    1. Says who?!

      Only the arrogant elected RINOs think that they are the party and that the party is what they say it is (99% RINOs? 😀 )

      Imagine the troubles some of these RINOs are in if the silent majority is speaking up so loud now…

      After stories like this: http://rapidcityjournal.com/news/conservative-legislative-report-cards-score-legislators/article_55379598-31e0-11e1-8851-0019bb2963f4.html?mode=story Only self-absorbed fools would discount the effects of a follow up report card on legislators voting in the 2012 session, before PRIMARIES and the general election.

  7. grudznick

    The Conservatives with Common Sense executive committee is putting the finishing touches on our scorecard. If our full membership approves, we will share it soon.

  8. Anon

    November can’t get here soon enough. First, we get a chance to replace Obama, although that won’t happen if the nut cases run a third-party candidate, and secondly, Stace and his followers find out that they, in fact, are the minority.

    1. Les

      In the forwarded emails, Rep. Chuck Turbiville, R-Deadwood and the chairman of the Executive Board, replied that he will “refer to my lawyer.”

      Minority in Pierre maybe. Why does anyone need a lawyer if there is nothing to hide?

      I think our party better be ready to clean their own house or the Rapid City turnover will look like a cakewalk compared to what is coming statewide this fall.

  9. Howie - Go Big or Go Home!

    If I was Howie and his Tea Party group I would look at a handful of races.

    1# pick your battles. Meaning take on prominent leaders they have issues with rather than just a scatter shot of going after 15 races.

    The Tea Party defeating Lust, Gosch, Konzet or Rausch would be a much louder noise than winning a few random seats no one pays attention to. A defeat of leadership would get headlines but defeating 2 or 3 unknowns wouldn’t get any attention.

    1. Anonymous

      I can already see Lora Hubbel and Stace Nelson making trips to the NE to campaign against Rausch and over to the West to campaign against Lust. It’s going to be wild if they play their cards right and can funnel adequate money behind 3-5 good candidates facing prominent opponents.

    2. grudznick

      I think the bumper sticker actually reads “Go Howie, or Go Home”

      If I had a car, I’d slather several on the windows.

  10. Anonymous

    Nothing would make Howie, Nelson, Hubbel, and their group look more influential than to take down a couple of giants in the legislature.

    But I don’t think they have the brains to organize a cohesive strategy. I get they attempt to recruit 20 candidates some good many bad and funnel money into districts they don’t have a shot at winning.

  11. grudznick

    I used to back Mr. Howie, and I try to follow his moves. Sometimes he’s thinking on other levels, moving in ways you can’t understand. I had no idea he still had this much pull in the legislatures.

    1. Anonymous

      Grud, I don’t see the pull Mr. Howie has other than being a contrarian and using that to grab a few headlines. He got destroyed in his run for Governor and media empire…correct me if I’m wrong…isn’t really an empire as much as a group of self aggrandizing sites.

      I think he is more in the mode of carving out a new ultra right party in South Dakota using the disaffected Republicans and various fringe groups as a tool to pry a few away from one of the most successful Republican state parties in the country.

      Can’t say I blame him. His future in the established party is not very bright.

      1. grudznick

        Well, he fooled this old man once during his run at Governor so I am watching closely before I send him any more of my money, and you can bank on that my friend.

        1. delegate

          So if you were ranking those highest on Howies list to knock off who would they be and does he focus on his backyard in RC or venture out to Mitchell or Sioux Falls with Hubbel and Nelson?

          #1 has to be Lust
          #2 has to be Rausch
          #3 must be Konzet especially since her appointment alone is rank cronyism at it’s finest.

          That is a tall order considering all are representatives so they would really need to take out 2 to get one.

          I’d go after senators instead if I was him. Head to head would be much easier.

          I can’t say I’m a Howie supporter though Grudz… SORRY!


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