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The SD GOP Central Committee is meeting today in Pierre to decide which city will be host for the 2014 (and possibly 2016) convention sites. Most of you will know that the 2012 convention will be held in Sioux Falls.

Here is a list of previous convention locations as best I can remember or others could help me.

2010 Huron, 2008 Chamberlain, 2006 Watertown, 2004 Mitchell, 2002 Sioux Falls, 2000 Spearfish, 1998 ???, 1996 Aberdeen, 1994 Pierre, 1992 Pierre, 1990 Sioux Falls, 1988 Watertown, 1986 Mitchell, 1984 Rapid City, 1982 Yankton, 1980 Aberdeen, 1978 Sioux Falls,

In years past a group of GOP county central committee members would have been chosen to serve on a site selection committee that would select the city they felt most deserving based on presentations and accomodations. However, following the unanticipated size of the 2010 convention which took place in Huron at the Crossroads, the state party became very concerned that the number of candidates seeking nominations and delegates attending would be overwhelming for the facility.

The other issue was concern that there wasn’t adequate media coverage in Huron. I believe all of those who attended the convention thought that the organizers pulled it off with few hicups. (the Dems held their 2010 convention here in Sioux Falls) For contrast, many people thought that Huron (2010) and Sioux Falls (2012) should have swapped dates because of the large turnout 2010 generated and the fact that the state’s largest media market will host the 2012 convention with a congressional race, PUC and the National Committee member races.

Still, the decision was made to remove the site selection from the county delegates and place the selection with the state central committee with the belief that they would be able to delegate the next convention to cities they deemed capable of hosting an event of certain size and able to garner earned media.

Though I have respect for all of those serving on the site selection committee and serving our state as central committee members, I do worry that the SD GOP is becoming a very top down organization. By removing the selection from random county party members from across the state who will first gather when they see the bids from different cities, the current form may give the impression a decision has already been discussed and made by the Executive Board prior to the meeting. This also may put smaller communities such as Huron, Chamberlain, Yankton etc. at a perpetual disadvantage.

The cities that I am aware of making a pitch at the meeting tomorrow include Sioux Falls, Rapid City, Aberdeen, and Watertown.

A decision is expected to be made by the committee following the final presentation.

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  1. Who is on the committee?

    I thought county chairs & vice chairs are on this committee? If so, it appears that they are selectively picking those they want to attend.

  2. Who is on the committee?

    P.S. They sure the heck better not send it back to Huron as long as that little mayor is there. Unless the RINOs want to impress all the illegals there with the RINO’s efforts to protect them from any laws to restrict illegals in SD, Obama gives the illegals amnesty then the RINOs can come out as the Democrats that they actually are.

  3. anon

    Well it looks like they should send it to rapid or aberdeen based on previous dates. It’s been a long time for either.

    I’ve heard noems people are pushing hard for Watertown as a launching pad for 2014 senate. Rave will do whatever noem wants.

  4. Anonymous

    The reason it isn’t westriver very often is because most people live eastriver. if its in rapid it won’t be well attended by most delegates. I would have it in rc regularly if it were up to me but its also more expensive on travel and hotels.

  5. CaveMan

    It was in RC two years ago. Tim Pawlenty, John Thune, and the National Anthem sung by Lucas Lentsch; most memorable in a long time.

    Aberdeen; stuck right on the corner of the SD Democratic stronghold would be right and proper for the 2012 SD GOP Convention.

  6. Who is on the committee?

    So in years gone by it was county central committee members and now it is just this select group of people? Who made that decision? We don’t like the actual South Dakota Republicans running things so we shut them out?

    County Chairs should be ringing Mr Rave’s little phone off the hook.

  7. NE SD Resident

    I am its time to show Northeast South Dakota Dems how a real convention is thrown and I am talking Aberdeen in 2014. I don’t understand why Noem is looking ahead to 2014 when she has an election to get through in 2012.

    1. Anonymous

      I don’t think she could beat Rounds anyway. If it’s in Watertown it is more likely Rounds will be addressing the delegates as the nominee than Noem.

      Besides it was in Watertown a few years ago.

      Rapid City 2014! We won it for her anyway. Going back home tomorrow. I love West River.

  8. springer

    The powers that be in the state GOP don’t like the “riff-raff” that have gotten involved in politics recently and probably want to keep the status quo, thus taking power away from the county organizations. Just my opinion, but some of the powers have referred to us as “riff-raff,” a badge of honor IMO!

  9. Anonymous

    it will be Watertown 2014 (noem’s staff made that call), Rapid 2016 (because they have to) and Sioux Falls 2018 (because it will be a big convention and this is the reason county people were taken off the committee).

    1. anon

      I think Rapid and Aberdeen are most deserving though I’m less likely to drive across the state for a 2 day convention.

      I would vote Chamberlain for every smaller convention. That place is great!

  10. Cedar

    You can call me happy if we went back and forth from Sioux Falls for the big conventions to Chamberlain for the smaller ones.

    If Chamberlain could house the big ones I’d like to see us vote to hold all conventions in Chamberlain. Great place!

  11. Lee Schoenbeck

    Ever since Ordway lost out in the race for the capitol, it has been shown no respect. How about a little love Ordway’s way? The elvator was tore down a few years ago, but the road still has a wide spot there and we could put up tents???

  12. Anonymous

    At the state dinner a couple years ago we had a hard time getting a quarem for our central committee meeting. It’s hard to get the wagons to go west.


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