2017 Analysis against proposed SD Initiated Measure to permit doctor prescribed suicide

I was at the GOP Meeting this past weekend and I had noted earlier that Dr. Fred Deutsch had presented on the physician assisted suicide measure and all the problems with it.

Fred had a handout providing the legal basis under which the group organized to oppose people killing themselves were basing their opposition, and I’m sharing it for you here in case you might be having second thoughts about supporting legalized suicide in South Dakota.

Brochure and legal analysis by Pat Powers on Scribd

5 Replies to “2017 Analysis against proposed SD Initiated Measure to permit doctor prescribed suicide”

  1. Troy Jones

    I urge everyone to commit to read the obituaries of the Argus for a month and reflect on all the deaths from suicide and the tragedy it is. Do we want to say suicide is an answer AND it is legal to assist people desiring death?

    1. Miranda Gohn

      There is a very liberal I would not describe it as a blog since all they post is liberal memes with a little commentary at times but one of the Admins of this facebook page has expressed a great deal of anxiety and mentioned suicide a few times. The admins are part of the same supporters for all uses of pot, legalization of all mind altering drugs and assisted suicide too. These are stressful times for all of us but instead of seeking help and talking to someone to which there should be no shame in doing so and/or using non chemical coping tools we just numb the heck out of ourselves and commit suicide as another way out? One guy posted about having a run in with a neighbor and he had to go into his house and burn two bowls just to deal with it. What is this guy going to do without his drugs? End up in prison? Suicide which he mentioned that he came close to?

      This assisted suicide measure is just plain bad on so many levels.

      1. Miranda Gohn

        Larry Kurtz one of those I was referencing.

        Assisted Suicide is not the answer and can be used with very bad motives also.

      2. KM

        You think you’re going to stop Miranda from speaking out and exposing how hurtful NASD and DFP is to SDakotans?

        You’re disgusting. What a damaged, hateful heart you must have to say such trash.

  2. Anonymous

    I think we should assist in committing suicide….of this measure.

    Who comes up with these crazy ballot measures….talk about outrageous…

    Don’t sign and keep it off the ballot!


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