2018 GOP AG Candidate Jason Ravnsborg provides update from the trail

Fresh out of my mailbox, South Dakota Republican Party hopeful Jason Ravnsborg sent out an update this morning on his activities, and how things are going on the campaign trail:

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  1. Anonymous

    Jason congratulations on your advancement! Is Lee Stranahan on your campaign team again? Ken Crow from Texas? Curious if Lee Stranahan will give an update on your campaign and military advancement on his Russian owned and funded program Sputnik? Possibly interview you? Putin and the rest of those Russians are always looking out for the best interest of the US and our strategic allies.

    1. Anonymous

      What a mindless post. Let us know when your brain gets back from the shop! Why knock those who are hardworking and have accomplished something in their lives? Does it make you feel important somehow? If so, I really feel sorry for you.

      1. Anonymous

        The more people kick Ravnsborg the stronger he probably gets. I don’t think we need to see a constitutional race get viscous.

    1. Anonymous

      Probably more qualified than you, dimwit. You probably know next to nothing about the process but have to spout off something to make yourself feel relevant.

      1. Anonymous

        He’s not really practicing law in Yankton. He’s into the army reserves, I believe that’s where his talent is.

        1. Anonymous

          He should focus on flying those A-10 Warthogs then like he did in Iraq or at least his old US Senate campaign photos showed he was an A-10 Warthog pilot during the war.

  2. Anonymous

    Wait! What? I thought Jason told everybody that he has all the delegates wrapped up?! After campaigning for 4 years, how does he find time for his paper duties as a new deputy state’s attorney, battalion commander, AND perennial candidate?

    1. Anonymous

      He is thorough and doesn’t take anything for granted. He is one of the hardest working people I know (yes, I know him personally and have for years). If you have something substantive to say, then say it. If not, then why put out a snarky post?

  3. Anonymous

    Jason doesn’t really have a real job. His real job is acting like he has a job. He is not qualified.

    1. Anonymous

      Totally agree! Jason is a good loyal party gopher and that is to be commended but he is not qualified to be SD AG. He should try library board which serves a valuable need and then after a few years Yankton City Council.

      1. Anonymous

        What makes you fit to determine who is qualified? What are your creds? Who is your horse in this race?

        1. Anonymous

          Jason did not show the best judgement with having Lee Stranahan and that Ken Crow on his campaign team during his last run for office. Seriously Lee Pornahan?

          1. Anonymous

            That’s right! His campaign manager Ken Crow quit a couple weeks before the election and endorsed NELSON!

          2. Tara Volesky

            Mr. Stranahan must be doing quite well. The late Andrew Breitbart hired him along with Steven Bannon……not bad company to be around. I have also seen him interviewed on MSNBC and CNN 3 or 4 times last week. How many have you guys have gotten a White House Press pass or interviewed on national TV? His radio show “Fault Lines” isn’t to bad either. Sputnik radio, based out of Washington DC. Very accomplished investigative journalist.

    2. Anonymous

      He is an attorney in practice in Yankton. Try to get some information before you post with such pointless drivel.

      1. Anonymous

        How many cases does he have? He is always gone with his reserve duties. We deserve someone that is experience. He is going to be a part-time army reserve, part-time AG?

  4. Pat Powers Post author

    Seriously? Instead of taking cheap (and anonymous) shots, save the venom for the Democrats. We have 4 (at least of this writing) good and qualified candidates, any of whom would do a good job. Let’s hear what they have to say about how they would run the office, and what they can bring to the table before we start hoisting the rope on the hangin’ tree.

    1. Anonymous

      I agree Pat. The Democrats running a Billy Sutton or an independent like Huether have nice people running also.

      I don’t see the need to trash someone. Go out and win on your own merits. Build up and don’t tear down.

  5. Troy Jones

    All I can say is what is it about Jason which engenders all these petty, snarky anonymous attacks?

  6. Ike

    Nitpicky, but details MATTER: as someone who makes a living at such things, I take offense to Mr. Ravnsborg’s misuse of the Mount Rushmore imagery.

    “The representation of Mount Rushmore National Memorial is called the Faces Logo. It communicates at a glance our state’s iconic and biggest attraction: Mount Rushmore National Memorial. Use of the Faces Logo is recommended when entering a new, emerging or international market unfamiliar with South Dakota. The logo also can be printed in a single color (black on white) but should never be reversed (white on black). All three elements (script, faces and tagline) should always be used together and not split apart.”

    Source: http://sdvisit.com/_pdf/SDT16_BrandStandards_Book.pdf

    Strike 1: I think we’re all familiar with South Dakota – you know, since we live here and you’re running for state office.

    Strike 2: Logo is reversed (white on “black”)

    Strike 3: Logo is broken apart (i.e. missing the ‘South Dakota’ script portion)

    Sloppy, ugly, and uninformed. Draw any parallels to his campaign you’d like.


    1. Tony Sayer

      Really!? There is some protocol for a big hunk of carved granted. I always appreciate these types that know the exact protocol of some physical object yet have never actually read the Constitution or somehow confuse it for other documents. Does it really matter? It may have been intended to proclaim the greatness of our republic (and for some of us our commitment to fraternal beliefs expressing liberty and equality) but at this point it’s a big tourist draw with ice cream and fudge. Some of us South Dakotans are appalled it now looks like the modern rendering of a Roman vomitorium, and some South Dakotans are appalled it is even there. So who really cares about some frivolous bureaucratic OCD need to showcase it in pomp-and-circumstance.

      1. Ike

        Feel free to remain blithely ignorant of brand management and the importance of graphic identity. For now though, gaze upon the ugliness that is Ravnsborg’s “logo” and ask yourself if that’s really the grotesque image he wants as his proxy face. You may think it’s “fine”, but subliminally it’s only going to cause your lizard brain to recoil in horror.


        1. Anonymous

          Those guildelines/requirements are for the South Dakota tourism specific branded logo, not for ANY depiction of mount rushmore. Nice attempt at reaching – sad!!!

          1. Ike

            On second thought – it appears as though you’re right. Pretty hard to tell though, especially given the modified ‘swoosh’ under the figures… add in the fact that this graphic travesty is reversed on its background making our esteemed presidents appear as panda bears tripping on psychotropics, and you can understand, perhaps, my hasty conclusion.

  7. Anonymous

    Jason is unqualified. He should have run for treasurer, auditor, etc. His main job in life is the national guard or whatever it is that he does. This is not mean to be cruel just a comment. He will get blown away in this race.

  8. Troy Jones


    I agree. I never made the connection that whatever above the swirl was fro Mt. Rushmore. Now that I know, might be among the worst campaign logos I have ever seen. Kinda spooky.

  9. Anonymous

    Not impressed from the part-time attorney, soldier, paper deputy states attorney, and unusually single man from Iowa.

    He’s been campaigning for 4 years for crying out loud. What successful person can do that? No one, only a sing part time everything guy.

  10. Pat

    I read a lot of complaints above against Ravnsborg but have not seen one ounce of proof to support any of it. I wish people would provide proof if they have it. It sounds more like Anonymous people (other attorney general candidates) trying to bash on Ravnsborg because they are unhappy with their candidacy.

  11. Anonymous

    Mr Ravnsborg, What do you hope to achieve by posting these type of ugly comments about Senators Russell & Nelson? It shows a lack of sense to be attacking Senator Nelson. Not impressed with your campaign roll out or your tactics.