2018 is going to be YUUUGE! Happy New Year from President Trump

8 Replies to “2018 is going to be YUUUGE! Happy New Year from President Trump”

    1. Anonymous

      Maybe in your so-called mind. Hillary was dishonest, hates America as much as Obummer does, and she has proven she can’t be trusted with the nation’s secrets. I know, I know, so long as it is a Demoncrat they are above reproach.

      I’d put President Trump’s IQ and accomplishments against yours any day of the week.

  1. Anonymous

    “HAPPY NEW YEAR! We are MAKING AMERICA GREAT AGAIN, and much faster than anyone thought possible!”

    Bwahahahahaha! OMG, he is delirious.

    1. Anonymous

      The ones who are delirious are the Democrats who have no ideas and have no idea what to do when the economy is at 3.0% growth already under President Trump! #MAGA

      1. KM

        Indeed, 6:58 and jaa dee are projecting. Be sure we’ll see more of this in 2018. It’s the only way Leftists know how to participate in a conversation. Could it be because of Trump Derangement Syndrome;)

        I’d like to add: Stock Market Under Trump Keeps Closing At Record Highs! #MAGA

    2. Anonymous

      No, you are; you think high unemployment, more people on food stamps, a weaker military, a weak commander in chief, low workforce participation, unlimited abortions, America falling behind in credibility, higher taxes, free everything for everybody (but it’s not free, Democrats!) is great. President Trump and common sense go against you.

  2. Slick

    Actually, heads are spinning and the swamp in DC is slowly being drained. He has done better than most believed possible, that’s why the liberals hate him even more and lie about him even more. If he were a Dem, a black, Hispanic, queer, or woman and done the exact same things, they would love him ! They hate white, heterosexual, strong males. They are the prejudiced ones.