Lemonade Stand Update…. Reopening at a New (and Better) Location.

On July 17, I posted a story about three girls who had a lemonade stand that was shut down by the Midway police

After some national attention, the girls are going to reopen their business, inside the water park they were trying to earn money for.

But the girls will get their sweet taste of success on Sunday, when they’ll have the opportunity not just to go to the Summer Waves, but to sell lemonade inside the park.

“I heard about the story from a local vendor,” Jekyll Island’s general manager Steve Sharpe told Foxnews.com. “”I’m a father of three and have been in the restaurant and concession business my whole life, so the story tugged at my heartstrings a little bit.”

Sharpe invited the girls to spend the day, free of charge, at the water park, where they will be provided with their very own lemonade stand built by the Summer Waves maintenance staff.

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Good for them, Right? Maybe.

Part of running a business is the preparing, making the stand, gathering all the stuff maintaining the product. sitting for hours hoping someone will stop by and drop their 50 cents, then the clean up afterward. There is a lot of hard work that goes in to starting and running a business, and these girls are being denied that. Don’t get me wrong, I am glad these young business owners are getting their chance; just a little concerned at the message that is being sent to other young people who might try this.

I hope you read the entire story I found this at the end:

And it’s unclear if the girls are out of the woods just yet.

The Midway Police Department wouldn’t comment on the Midway Lemonade Girls’ case, nor would the municipal court clerk.

“There is an investigation going on for some criminal activity and we are not allowed to comment,” court clerk Donna Davis told Foxnews.com.

Three girls where selling lemonade without permits, the police chief shut them down. That should be the end of it. Now there is an investigation? In to what, tax fraud?

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  1. Job Creator

    Why can’t Boehner and the rest of the real Republicans get the wild bunch on the right to work with them? It’s clearly Obama’s fault…

    But there is an even bigger enemy to the traditional GOP and that enemy is within the party. You’re seeing it in action right now.

    My theory: The Tea Party people in the Republican part of Congress are essentially the same thing as a Dodo bird, where the Dodo’s egg is deposited in another unsuspecting bird’s nest. As the Dodo grows, it kicks the other little birds out of the nest. They perish, but the Dodo prospers as its unsuspecting parents are worked almost to death to feed it!

    I think the theory was proved up Thursday night when Al Sharpton interviewed Phillip Dennis – one of the main Tea Party guys who tells Noem and Thune how to vote.

    Besides blasting Obama and Democrats (which was expected), Mr. Dennis also exposes his real intentions within the Republican party.

    Some outtakes:

    Dennis: “If you’re looking for a fan of President Bush, you’re looking in the wrong place. The Tea Party did not support President Bush and that’s why the Republicans lost power in 2006. President Bush added $4 Trillion to our deficit in eight years and that’s pitiful – it’s terrible and we kicked him out of office for that.”

    “We’re not loyal to the Republican party. We’re loyal to leaders that exercise fiscal responsibility. So in this next election coming up next year in November, we plan on sending home another 63 big-spending Democrats and another 63 big-spending Republicans, as well.”

    Al Sharpton: “Oh, so you’re going to send 63 Republicans home, you’re going to primary them.”

    Dennis: “We’d love to.”

    Here is the link to the interview so you can test my transcription skills. If you can stomach watching Al Sharpton.


    1. MC Post author

      Maybe Speaker Boehner and Senator Reid can take congress (all of them) to Jekyll Island, GA and buy them all a Ice cold, refreshing lemonade on Sunday. Might help cool off some of those hot heads. If not maybe a quick dip in the pool.

        1. MC Post author

          Let’s try to stay somewhat on topic,

          I know you wanted to talk about the debt talks. I have given you two threads to talk about Speaker of the House, Senator Reid, Presidnet Obama, and the tea party.

          Here was about how some one is going to give three lawbreakers a chance to practice their evil craft of selling lemonade on a hot summer day.


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