3 Currently Looking At Speaker Pro Temp

Bob Mercer is reporting on his website that at the moment, there are three who have expressed an interest in replacing Don Haggar as Speaker Pro Temp, after Don departed the legislature for the Americans For Prosperity leadership role:

Three Republicans are competing for the post. They are:

Larry Rhoden of Union Center, a 15-year lawmaker who served the maximum four terms in the House, went to the Senate for three terms, ran for the U.S. Senate in 2014 and then came back to the state House this year. He was House Republican leader from 2005 through 2008;

Mike Stevens of Yankton, a fifth-year House member who serves on the Legislature’s Executive Board; and

Steven Haugaard of Sioux Falls, a third-year House member who serves on the Legislature’s Executive Board.

Read it all here.

13 Replies to “3 Currently Looking At Speaker Pro Temp”

  1. Anonymous

    Other names not mentioned in the article that are potential candidates include majority whip Arch Beal, Mary Duvall, Dan Kaiser, Wayne Steinhauer, and Assistant Majority Leader Kent Peterson. It is super early, lots of changes could still happen.

  2. Emoluments Clause

    What about Michael Clark? I think his personal diary perspectives as the Speaker Pro Temp would be fascinating.

  3. grudznick

    The boss in the LRC is Mr. Handcock and rumors are he might appoint Mr. Marty or is calling legislatures to make that happen.

  4. Jerry Mander

    If Sam Marty ever became Speaker, I’d pay money to be a fly on the wall listening to him and his sister, Liz May go at it.

  5. The Pierreitan

    Those who think that Mr. “Handcock” (Hancock) or anyone else who works for LRC would involve themselves in a legislative leadership election speak from a pinnacle of almost perfect ignorance about who works for who.


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