3 potential Gubernatorial contenders speaking at Lincoln County GOP Dinner

In case you’re not attending Saturday Night’s SDSU football game, the Lincoln County GOP is hosting a dinner with 3 potential Gubernatorial contenders for 2018 – Congresswoman Kristi Noem, incoming Speaker of the House Mark Mickelson, and Attorney General Marty Jackley:


Tickets are available at the door, and are $40 each or 2 for $75 at the “All Occasions” center, at the Tea I-29 exit.


33 Replies to “3 potential Gubernatorial contenders speaking at Lincoln County GOP Dinner”

    1. Anon

      We can only hope. Jackley and Mickelson both represent a continuation of the Rounds and Daugaard Administrations. Time for a shake-up in Pierre!

        1. SDGOPer

          Considering Mark’s mom was Daugaard’s Campaign Treasurer and the rumors that some of Daugaard’s staff will be working on a Mickelson campaign, I think it is safe to say he’d be a continuation of the status quo.

  1. Anon

    All these people insisting Kristi won’t run must be Jackley and Mickelson supporters HOPING she doesn’t run. Pretty laughable really

      1. SDGOPer

        Krebs, Dusty, Rhoden? Our bench is pretty deep. Especially with Hillary like to be President, I like our chances to keep the seat

    1. Anonymous

      I’m surprised Kristi doesn’t give any indication of running. I lean 80/20 convinced that she stays in the house because I think she likes DC and I don’t think she wants to give it up.

      1. Anon

        It wouldn’t be wise to openly be talking about the 2018 Governor’s race when she has a reelection to win this year. No matter how much of a lock she is it’s not smart to appear looking past it.

        1. Anonymous

          I know a lot of people who support her that are pledging to Mickelson or jackley because they don’t think she will run. She should send a signal so they remain neutral. That would be smart.

  2. Anonymous

    Right now Marty would win against Mark. Kristi throws that into chaos and Michels running would almost guarantee a runoff and no one getting 35%.

    That’s the best way to get a weiland jungle primary.

  3. Anonymous

    Why doesn’t someone propose changing the law so that Kristi can’t use her federal funds to run for governor? Rounds couldn’t use his state funds for federal.

  4. Anonymous

    Whoever says they won’t support Daugaard’s bid to expand Medicaid will be worth listening to. He has been a big disappointment as he gets more left.

  5. Anonymous

    If I was Marty I wouldn’t show up on a stage with MM until after session. This is way way to early for this stuff. People will get board.

    1. SDGOPer

      They already are bored. These two have been at it for over a year now and anyone who has been to more than one Lincoln Day Dinner wants to fall asleep when they hear Mickelson give the same boring speech.

  6. The Blogger Formerly Known as "Winston"

    “All Republicans are invited!”…..Huh? Let’s see, Abe use to be a Whig and Ronny use to be a Democrat…..Yah, I guess Trump could show up at this event after all…

    Where is Michels? Is Nelson standing in for him? Michels is the most likable GOP gubernatorial candidate in more ways than one, don’t you all know that?

    Mark needs to get a picture with an American flag behind him. What is he? The GOP’s answer to Colin Kaepernick?….jk….

    I once bought an used car from Reagan Lincoln, does that count at all?

    If I was Lincoln, however, I would be worried. They didn’t name the new US Bank stadium, which replaced the HHH Dome, after Humphrey, did they? Oh, I get it, don’t worry, someday it will be called the Lincoln, Reagan, and Trump Dinner…. That is probably where the “bling” idea is coming from and to think some Americans actually think Trump is an avenue of challenge, huh… But actually he is really just like the same old GOP with more glitter or “bling” and he fits in perfect with the GOP establishment, which is far removed from any interest in true change as they wear their denim and diamonds to mimic the working poor or the average voter in a way, yet hold on to the diamonds to maintain their class status, intent, and statement as well as to reassure themselves and their peers as to who and what they are and what they think they are…….While many of the masses are sadly fooled by the self identity of denim and the hopes of diamonds like so many of those within the GOP who mistakenly have given us Trump in recent months with the hope of change…. Oh, so sad, so sad, but the diamonds I have to admit are pretty, however,….But that is all and when there are diamonds involved or to be acquire then there generally is no change left to be found in more ways than one……