3rd party candidate who has ran & lost a bunch of times apparently running again.

In the “naked call for attention” department, I received this note this afternoon:

Are we at that point in the cycle where Kurt Evans tries seeking attention by running for office?  I’m not sure that anyone cares at this point.  “Breaking” the story on this is like breaking a story on paint drying.

This election’s Evans candidacy is all pretty neatly summed up by what I wrote about Evans running for office back in 2016:

First up, as confessed by himself, Kurt Evans admitted that he’s changing parties again From Indy, to libertarian, to democrat…. and now to Constitution Party, where’s he’s going to run, and presumably drop out for US Senate at a later date:


Read that here.

If you recall, Evans has been active in social media using anti-Catholic rhetoric on occasion, and has faced questions over accusations of stalking a woman on the SDSU Campus, as well as other controversies. He was widely viewed as a spoiler candidate in John Thune’s race against Tim Johnson for the US Senate in 2002, and has announced for US Senate on more than one occasion since, and dropping out about as often.

Meh about that here.

I think I’m only posting this because it’s raining out, there’s nothing else going on today, and I can’t help but do posts on “the midway carnival acts” of the South Dakota political scene.

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  1. grudznick

    Mr. Evans has re-joined the ranks of the insaner than most. But the good news is, Ms. Hubbel is now in charge. Pretty young women who are insaner than most, like Ms. Hubbel, are what keeps this world interesting for many of us.

  2. grudznick

    Mr. Evans will likely say:

    Anonymous said:

    I wish Kurt well in his run for President or whatever race he is running in this time.

    You fat bastard, I am not running for prez (sic)

    1. Anonymous

      Sorry! it is hard to keep up what office he is running for or quitting running again quitting running again. Good for him!


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