5 questions with….. District 8 State Senate Candidate Jordan Youngberg

I’d been mentioning that newcomer candidate Jordan Youngberg seems to be pursuing his contest with some fire in his belly, and he caught the attention of political reporter Bob Mercer in recent days with signs across District 8.

So, I took the opportunity to touch base with Jordan to find out what he’s all about (at least as much as 5 questions will allow.)  So, let’s take a moment to hear what the man has to say about his race:

5 questions with District 8 State Senate Candidate Jordan Youngberg: 

jordan_Youngberg1. Jordan, you’re part of a group of “new blood” being injected into the GOP as a young businessman who is running for office for the first time.  How is this campaign stuff for someone running for the first time?

It is definitely a learning experience and I hope to pass what I am learning on to other potential, “new” candidates. I quickly became aware of the amount of support and time management needed for a successful campaign. The support I have received from people volunteering their time, to fundraising efforts and voter interaction is phenomenal and makes my campaign worth more. My mindset has been that I am in this for the voters of District 8 and they have given me ample reasons to keep working hard. The time management aspect of campaigning has been tricky. With the span of distance between District 8’s borders I have to make the most of my time in each area so I can impact as much of the population as possible.

2. As opposed to your opponent, tell me what you believe you bring to the race?

I will not be outworked. My experience in business management and small business ownership gives me a great foundation to build upon. My willingness to learn from, listen to, and fight for District 8 voters will not be matched. The decisions that are made in Pierre are made for the future so past experience in public office is helpful but not everything.

3. Now, you’ve not been a party activist before running. What’s your impression of the political component to the contest for the Senate Seat?

My impression is that politics are present and unavoidable but they are not what the contest is about. My run for a Senate Seat is for a purpose and that is to be a voice for District 8 which is made up of all types of people whose ideas and issues cannot be generalized into a few categories. My core values are conservative but I think it is important to be aware of other values too.

4. I think you’ve mentioned to me that former Senator Russ Olson was one of them who thought you’d be a great candidate. Can you tell us about the support you’ve received from the communities in your district, and fellow Republicans?

The support I am receiving from fellow Republicans has made me a stronger candidate. I have been in contact with many past and present Senators and Representatives who are strengthening my knowledge of the procedures that take place in Pierre. Like in any job or business venture, I look for guidance and knowledge from those who have been there before me.

5. Alright – give us your 30 second “elevator pitch.”  Why are you the best choice to serve in the State Senate in your district?

The future of District 8 is important and it needs to be in the hands of someone who is ready and motivated to work for it. I am more than the best choice to serve in the State Senate in my district, I am alsothe best voice. My dedication and tenacity will be apparent as I take the ideas and issues from voters to fight for what is right for District 8. I have made a commitment to this journey toward becoming a voice for the residents of District 8 and I look forward to the opportunity to serve them.

And there you have it! And make a point to check out Jordan’s web site at http://www.youngbergforsenate.com/


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  1. Joni

    I could not be more proud of my son for taking the hard working values he was raised upon and using them for the people.


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