50 richest members of congress

So who are the fifty richest members of congress?  According to Roll Call, the top 3 wealthiest are Rep. Michael McCaul of Texas worth $294 million, Rep. Darrell Issa of California worth $220 million and Sen. John Kerry of Massachusets worth $193 million.

Newly elected North Dakota Congressman Rick Berg, who defeated Earl Pomeroy, makes the list at number 13.

Another North Dakotan made the list at number 43.

Sadly, I didn’t see any of South Dakota’s delegation on the list.

Others worth noting are Nebraska Senator Ben Nelson at number 48 and Missouri Senator Claire McCaskil at number 18.

12 Replies to “50 richest members of congress”

  1. Springer

    I’m glad that none of our delegation is on the rich list. Most SD’ans aren’t rich, and our delegation represents us. Also nice to see some that some members of Congress live more closely the lifestyle the rest of us live. Too much money changes people and not usually for the better.

  2. Anonymous

    Why would any one who is rich waste their time in politics .These rich people are as bad as the poor ones no one can balanxce a budget.

  3. Anonymous

    I looked up Mike Mccaul. He has all his money from his wife’s side. Looks like one bi-partisan solution to budget problems that both parties can agree on is marrying rich.

  4. part timer

    I bet SD has more people worth over 50 M than we all think. They are just better at holding it out of site.
    Being we have no income tax they are more able to spend it in other states and pay no taxes on a greater %. Trips to places with no sales tax on food, clothing and list goes on.


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