64 State Legislators Join to Endorse Kristi for Governor


64 State Legislators Join to Endorse Kristi for Governor

Kristi Noem today earned the endorsement of 64 state legislators, who represent families from across the state.

“With opportunities facing our state now to improve education, get more people into good-paying jobs, and tackle the crime and drug epidemic, we cannot afford to lose momentum, or worse, to step backward.  That’s why we are endorsing Kristi Noem for governor,” wrote the legislators.

Kristi Noem served in the state legislature from 2006 to 2010, serving as Assistant Majority Leader during her second term.


Dear Friends,

We write to you as your neighbors and as those who have had the privilege of representing you in the South Dakota state legislature.  Our state is at a crossroads.  For years, the great state of South Dakota has moved forward under the direction of Republican governors and Republican-led legislatures.   With opportunities facing our state now to improve education, get more people into good-paying jobs, and tackle the crime and drug epidemic, we cannot afford to lose momentum, or worse, to step backward.  That’s why we are endorsing Kristi Noem for governor.

While Kristi served in the SD House of Representatives, she was elected as Assistant Majority Leader in her second term in office.  Since being elected as SD’s Congresswoman, Kristi has always spent a day at the state Capitol with us during session, and several of us have had the opportunity to work with her over the years.  She’s a proven fighter, who will always put South Dakota first.   Her record reflects that.  She’s dug up new resources to fight the Mountain Pine Beetle in the Black Hills, protected agriculture from harmful regulations, and kept the Hot Springs VA Hospital open.  Kristi has expanded support for the Lewis & Clark Rural Water Project, secured livestock disaster assistance, doubled the Child Tax Credit, expanded the Black Hills National Cemetery, and authored historic tax cuts that put more money in the pockets of hardworking South Dakotans.  Time and again, Kristi Noem has fought for South Dakota.

The same can be said of her running mate, Larry Rhoden.  Larry is a strong leader who has dedicated his life to service:  Serving in the National Guard, serving his family as a dedicated husband and father, serving on the local school board, serving in his community church and serving in the state legislature for 16 years.  Larry has been elected by his colleagues into several legislative leadership positions:  Assistant Majority Leader his second term in the House, House Majority Leader for 4 years, & Senate Majority WHIP for 4 years – a testament to his character and ability to govern. Larry had many significant bills and legislation he was instrumental in writing and seeing through to passage. One example was a bill to ensure tighter restrictions for use of eminent domain, which became a model in other states to design their own legislation.

Perhaps the most important fact is that Kristi and Larry share our values.  They represent the best of South Dakota!   They’ll place conservative justices on the South Dakota Supreme Court.  They’ll continue efforts to promote open government and continue South Dakota’s decades-long effort to fight federal overreach.  Kristi’s 4 Pillars of Protection include: Protection from Tax Increases, Protection from Government Growth, Protection from Federal Intrusion, and Protection from Government Secrecy.  She also has 13 more plans for the state which you can find on Kristiforgovernor.com.

We have a real choice in the upcoming election.  Please join us in supporting Kristi Noem for Governor and Larry Rhoden for Lt. Governor on November 6.

Your neighbors who represent you in Pierre,

Representative Lee Qualm, House Majority Leader

Representative Kent Peterson, Assistant House Majority Leader
Representative Mark Mickelson, Speaker of the House
Representative Steven Haugaard, Speaker Pro Tempore
Senator Brock Greenfield, Senate President Pro Tempore
Representative Arch Beal, WHIP
Representative Leslie Heinemann, WHIP
Representative Lynne Hix-DiSanto, WHIP
Representative Isaac Latterell, WHIP
Senator Al Novstrup, WHIP
Senator Kris Langer, WHIP
Senator Bob Ewing, WHIP
Representative Lana Greenfield
Representative David Anderson
Representative Michael Clark
Representative Larry Zikmund
Representative Burt Tulson
Representative John Lake
Representative John Mills
Representative Kevin Jensen
Representative Scyller Borglum
Representative Tim Reed
Representative Mike Diedrich
Representative Greg Jamison
Representative Jason Kettwig
Representative Blaine Campbell
Representative David Lust
Representative Wayne Steinhauer
Representative Chris Karr
Representative Nancy York
Representative Mary Duvall
Representative Tim Rounds
Representative Spencer Gosch
Representative Hugh Bartels
Representative Bob Glanzer
Senator Gary Cammack
Senator Jim White
Senator Margaret Sutton
Senator John Wiik
Senator Larry Tidemann
Senator Ernie Otten
Senator Jim Stalzer
Senator Joshua Klumb
Senator Neal Tapio
Senator Jim Bolin
Senator Terri Haverly
Senator Arthur Rusch
Senator Justin Cronin
Senator Jack Kolbeck
Senator Jeff Partridge
Senator Jeff Monroe
Representative Taffy Howard
Representative Marli Wiese
Representative Kyle Schoenfish
Representative David Johnson
Representative Kristin Conzet
Representative Roger Chase
Representative Doug Barthel
Representative Timothy Johns
Representative Rebecca Reimer
Representative Sue Peterson
Representative Tim Goodwin
Representative Tom Pischke
Representative Mark Willadsen

31 Replies to “64 State Legislators Join to Endorse Kristi for Governor”

  1. Anonymous

    It’s very clear who the SD RHINOs are. They are legislators who serve as republicans who you don’t see on this list. This is proof! There’s only ONE republican running for governor and it’s Kristi Noem.

    1. Anonymous

      I’m sure you’ve already cross-referenced. If not, I’m sure you know how to find out. With three supreme court justices now to be appointed, it’s not a time to be a RINO… Like Pressler, for example. Wasn’t he an Indy the last time he ran? And now claiming to be a Republican so he could vote in the primary. Gotta love the non-committed politicians. Glad to see a strong list of committed Republicans trying to keep our state safe and recognizable!

  2. grudznick

    The Republican platform is to support he Republican candidate for Governor. Do Mr. Nelson and his mini-me Mr. Russell support the Democrat candidate? I guess they do. RINOs, both.

  3. Brian



    Curd; Phil Jensen, Maher, Stace nelson, Russell, Peters, Soholt, Solano, Youngberg


    Tom Brunner
    Sam Marty
    Liz May
    Herman Otten

    —Tuberville passed away and rhoden is not endorsing himself obviously.

    I think I accounted for everyone.

    1. Dist. 4 Voter

      most on this list fall into 2 categories: ultra conservative, or left-wing RINO. …… I wonder how Stan Adelstein is doing on his list “of at least 100” legislators and former legislators who are endorsing Billie along with him ?

    2. SDGOPer

      At least a few of those have already endorsed or we know are supportive:

      Curd sent out a statement through the party endorsing Kristi
      Kaiser obviously supports her
      Phil Jensen posted on Facebook about putting up signs for her all day the other day
      Carson was just going around Mitchell with her a couple weeks ago
      Rasmussen is definitely a supporter

      Not sure why their names aren’t on here. Who knows if there was a good explanation or not but it doesn’t seem exhaustive.

      1. William Beal

        Youngberg definitely supports Kristi, and has helped get signs up for her in our district.

        Not sure why he’s not on the list.

    1. Anonymous

      Makes sense because I see many on there that I know are helping even. Now to differentiate those that were bound to not sign by outside forces vs. choosing not to. Still time before their own elections!

    2. Anonymous

      I do not believe that. Who are they specifically? I think that is a cop out. When I look at the list, most are retired or self-employed. If employment was a factor, then why would they be allowed to come to Pierre and represent a certain party??

  4. Anon

    Deb Soholt and Tom Holmes, both from my district, did not sign the letter. Maybe I will re-think whether they get my vote on Tuesday (although I wish it were the primary because I won’t vote for their Democrat opponents).

    1. Anonymous

      They are my district too. We skip over Soholt because she’s pro-choice. Holmes stopped by and we talked about the govenor’s race, but he never shared who he supports. I expected not to see Soholt on the list, but Holmes was a surprise.


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