The Clinton Double Standard

thuneheadernewThe Clinton Double Standard

“The FBI concluded that President Obama’s secretary of state, our nation’s chief diplomat – the person who was fourth in line for the presidency – displayed gross carelessness when handling information related to our national security.”

WASHINGTON — U.S. Sen. John Thune (R-S.D.) today discussed the FBI’s investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use during her time as secretary of state and the agency’s decision not to recommend charges be filed against her.

As a result of the FBI’s investigation, during which FBI Director James Comey concluded Clinton acted extremely careless with classified information, Thune cosponsored legislation that would revoke Clinton’s security clearance and block her from accessing classified information in her capacity as a presidential candidate.

16 Replies to “The Clinton Double Standard”

    1. Anonymous

      Are you speaking of yourself and your buddies? Hillary and Obummer are anti-American, comrade. There is a legitimate concern about how Hitlery handles classified information and her ability to keep her gaping maw of a mouth shut. She surrounds herself with dishonest people, like her serial sex-offender husband, Slick Willy, and she believes that she should be able to get away with anything.

      Clinton wasn’t held accountable for what would have put any average citizen, yourself included, in jail. Face it, she is dishonest, selfish, arrogant, and a not fit to serve as president. If you can’t see that, stick to playing the guitar and don’t try to play with people who can actually think.

  1. Springer

    Way to go! Comey stated that would be the punishment meted out to any person in his agency if they acted as Clinton did. Of course, I have serious doubts this will ever happen. There really is a double standard; the rich and powerful can do as they want and get away with it, the rest of us peons have to suffer consequences for our actions.

  2. Anonymous

    Are you referring to yourself and your buddies? Isn’t it actually anti-American to, through negligence or simply being an idiot, put American citizens in danger? I would say so.

    Hillary is dishonest, arrogant, and unfit to be president, but I guess with Obama the bar got dropped pretty low.

  3. Anonymous

    Hillary says all year “I never sent or received any emails that were marked classified” That was a lie. Comey said there were 110 emails marked that way including some Top Secret ones.

    It amazes me the FBI did not put her under oath for their meeting with her and it was not recorded. Did they not ask her “Mrs Clinton did you send or receive any emails marked classified” When she said NO she would have been lying to the FBI which is also a felony…and they would have known it based on the fact that they already had the 110 emails.

    The same afternoon AFTER the meeting with the FBI, she did an interview with MSNBC where she again repeated this lie.

    So did they not even confront her about this lie she has been telling the American people for a year? or did they and then she went out and lied again?!

  4. Anonymous

    Photo op gets more done at basketball games then he does in the Senate.Lets have another investigation.Your afraid she is going to president.So more lip service.

    1. Anonymous

      darn right he is afraid she is going to be President….I am too…if she is not intelligent enough despite being the proclaimed “most qualified candidate ever” to notice when she is sending 110 classified emails is she really qualified enough to run the country….

      1. Anonymous

        Anybody who believes in freedom and in taking care of oneself is afraid of Hillary becoming president. If you believe that abortion is one of the greatest rights we have and that honesty is overrated, you aren’t afraid.

    2. Anonymous

      “You’re” or “You are”, not “Your”. Please try to use some semblance of correct grammar because you come off as ignorant anyway; the poor grammar makes you seem even more unintelligent.

      Try fleshing out why you think that it would be good to have her as president so that your contention that Thune is afraid she is going to be president makes him look bad.

  5. Anonymous

    I would worry about the minorities.Trump is a Racist and will not carry the latinos and the black vote which he will not get.When he made that accusation about the judge being of Mexican nationality that hurt him big time.

    1. Springer

      Just quit with the racist rhetoric, okay. I just listened to the Black mayor of Dallas, TX, scene of another police massacre. I would love to have him in the White House right now, a man of character and truth. Listen to his words and stop the divisive language. Be aware of which side is always shouting racist.

      1. Anonymous

        Sometimes, the truth hurts. Believe it or not, like it or not, racism is alive and living well in the 21st century.

  6. Oscar

    Republicans . The party of big spender’s and women’s rights. Keep wasting tax dollars once again. The lady broke 0 laws. But hey what’s millions of dollars to the already rich party? And that’s none of my business I’m just a Dem. She’s going to win, meanwhile the big boys cry and waste tax money…kind of like they did with a lot of other times with tax dollars. Pretty sure the FBI knows how to properly investigate especially under such public eye.

    1. jhm47

      “The “lady” broke 0 laws??? What have you been smoking lately? The simple fact that she deleted some 30,000 work-related emails would get any one of us thrown into prison for several years, and also preclude us from EVER holding another government job (let alone POTUS). People like Oscar are either too unintelligent to process facts, or they’re brainwashed by Daily Kos, Huffpo, MSNBC, or some other leftist propaganda site. Which is it for you, Oscar?