75% of Iowan's support someone other than Romney

But then again 75% or more of Iowa caucus goers support someone other than Santorum, Paul, Gingrich, Perry, Bachmann and Huntsman as well. I’m not one to believe that 75% of the pie is all one big anti-Romney slice waiting for the right person to come along. Everyone in this race has flaws and strengths, that is why the pie will continue to be fractured.

Between us, I’m having a hard time swallowing the Mitt Romney pill. It’s not that I dislike him. I want to like him. He’s likable, polished and smart but I really question the depth of his political sincerity on important issues. Almost every time he makes a solid case regarding a certain issue, it turns out he had the opposite position a relatively short time ago. I also think we are too hard on him. How liberal can a guy be who didn’t want to invest in a business because it made R rated movies? I’d say he’s personally conservative, but politically, who knows?

But you tell me, if it’s not Romney who else is it going to be? I’m not ready to jump aboard the “Chuck truck” with Santorum yet.

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  1. Anonymous

    I think the elephant in the room is do we embrace the radical right, or cut them loose to form their own party and begin to look like Democrats…you know the old saying. “I don’t belong to an organized political party…I’m a Democrat.”

    Who would have ever thought 2 years ago that Pastor Steve Hickey would have to play the role of statesman in mending a rift in the Republican party?

    Sadly, there is a noisy faction that seems to think that if you aren’t going scorched earth…then you aren’t conservative enough. (personally I think they are being paid by Ben Nesselhauf…if not, he should.)

    God knows that Ronald Reagan wasn’t a statesman and he would have never compromised. Wait? What???

    We can only hope that there is another “purity poll” to throw a few more good Republicans under the bus.

  2. Anonymous

    Bill…looking at your post again and I’m thinking you had a favorite dog in this fight…care to share?

  3. toga

    That said I will probably vote for Romney or Gingrich. I’m betting there are skeletons in Santorum’s closet still to come out.

    Do I like Romeny? So so. I prefer ginrich but I want to win!!!

  4. Anonymous

    From the paper today
    The 5 key questions of the Republican presidential race
    1. Does Newt Gingrich go on a kamikaze mission?
    2. Can Rick Santorum stand the heat?
    3. How much more money does Restore Our Future have?
    4. Does Rick Perry stay viable?
    5. Do conservatives unite?

  5. Anonymous

    If no skeletons they will be made and 60% of the people will believe them to be true. To many people believe what they want to hear not the truth. That is the way of todays political win at any cost.

  6. troy jones

    In a caucus where the voters are more likely heavily committed to a small set of issues (vs. having a more broad consideration), getting more than 15% in such broad field is an accomplishment.

    Gingrich’s statements in early December he would be the nominee based on his Iowa surge says he thought differently when he was on top. If he applied this argument when faced with his Iowa collapse, he should be going home instead of to NH and SC.

    Gingrich’s lack of discipline and thinking his “big thoughts” all the way to their logical conclusion destroys his credibility.

    Don’t get me wrong. I love primaries. I hope everyone stays in through Super Tuesday (wish Pawlenty & Bachmann had stayed in). Gingrich just should have said when he was on top “The primary season is wrong and the only score that matters is at the Convention.” A lack of hubris would have served him well.

  7. springer

    We keep hearing that Romney is the most “electable” against Obama. Why? Because he is a moderate and will attract more of those voters. So can we trust him to govern in a true conservative manner? Can we trust him to repeal Obamacare? Can we trust him to cut services, cut agencies, cut the debt, curb spending, shrink the size of govt, repeal excessive govt regs, etc? The ones that I would trust to do just that are the ones deemed not “electable.” I will vote for whoever emerges as the winner at the end of the primary season, as any of them will be better than Obama. But the very reason that Romney is the most “electable” is the very reason that so many conservatives don’t deem him a true conservative.

    1. Anonymous

      Does that include military spending like having a bomber base in the middle of the US? If we are going to attack they need to be closer to the border so we can get them out 2 to 4 hrs quicker. Do we cut back items that call for drugs etc that are proven to protect people or do we just cut them back like corrupt countries do today (China et al)? If we cut let the people aware of what is going to be cut and why. The last thing we need is cuts because of a personal agenda. Cut but understand why and make it public before it is cut.


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