A big “to-do” for lame duck…

The NY Times has an article detailing a very long to-do list for the lame duck Congress….  here

As TC has pointed out (in a story now echoed in the Argus — WTG TC), our still serving Congresswoman is nowhere to be found……so will she come back to work and let her employers (that’d be us) know how she’s going to represent us for the remains of her term…or stay in seclusion.  This week will be the be the look into the hand of cards she’s holding for her future.

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  1. ip

    In his latest New West post, author George Wuerthner mentions S. 3310 coming up as a part of the upcoming Omnibus Wilderness Bill:

    “America has very little of its native prairie in any protected status. Most of the plains have been carved up by till farming, and the rest is grazed by livestock. Tony Dean Cheyenne River Valley Conservation Act would correct this by designating 48,000 acres as wilderness in the Indian Creek, Red Shirt and Chalk Hills areas of the Buffalo Gap National Grassland on the borders of Badlands NP. Walking these vast open breathing spaces reminds me of being on the vastness of tundra in Alaska. It?s a sense of freedom that is more difficult to experience in more forested terrain.

    As with any designated wilderness, livestock grazing will continue. This is particularly ironic since Tony Dean, who was an outdoor writer in South Dakota, railed against welfare ranchers and their impact on the state for decades.”

    Contact Senator Thune and urge him to vote for this important legislation.

  2. John

    Hopefully losing the election has freed her from the impulse to suck up to conservatives and now she’ll go back to doing what’s best for South Dakota (in other words, NOT voting with conservatives). 🙂

  3. Duh

    SHS’s AWOL status will be the first thing that I will urge voters to remember if she ever slithers back up this way for another election spanking. The second would be to remind her of all the hard working South Dakotans that she stiffed on her bills when she got her pink slip.

    John: Conservatives have helped this state have one of the best financial standings of any state in this country. SHS couldn’t even pay her reelection bills and you’re comfortable in her ruining – er – running the country.

  4. oldguy

    John I am thinking you are pretty much on a island and I am glad you know what’s best. Why don’t you run for office as we do need Dems. in office.

  5. toad

    She will either vote really liberal and be upset with SD or she will vote conservative and come back and run in 2012 or later.

    Why do they have these sessions if it is the one time legislators are not accountable to the voters?

  6. Arrowhead

    TIM JOHNSON is the liberal. SHS voted moderately or was a fence sitter. She was actually blamed for what TJ was doing.

    I have a really hard time accepting Noem’s arguement on stimulus money. I voted for her and support her but she used the money to her advantage and used it for exactly what SHS intended it for.

    In the short term it worked but in the long run it didn’t solve any of our actual problems.

  7. John

    Duh, Conservatives have done nothing to help SD’s economic situation. The reason SD has been in good shape is because we have an ag-based economy and it’s proven to hold up fairly well against the downturn (though we’ve still been affected).

    oldguy, Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I would be way too frustrated to be a South Dakota legislator. Any bill I introduced would probably die in committee and I’d become depressed having to vote “no” on everything (I assume a Republican supermajority would be advancing bills that I would strongly oppose). Liberals like Angie Buhl have my respect for having the patience to work in that environment.

    toad, That’s because lame-duck sessions, when there’s very little re-election pressure, are the one time Congress is actually free to do their jobs.

  8. springer

    Congress free to do their jobs?? Uh, uh. A lame duck Congress is like a kid who isn’t held responsible for anything he does and runs wild with no accountability.

  9. springer

    A better analogy would be an ambassador with diplomatic immunity who does whatever he wants knowing full well he cannot be held responsible. He can only be kicked out of the country. And many of these lame duck congress people have already been kicked out and can’t be held responsible for any votes they cast. A new law should be in order that Congress can stay home from election time until the new members are sworn in. They couldn’t get into mischief that way either and we would all be better off!

  10. Arrowhead


    Could you post something on the food safety bill that is being voted on? I think this is a good issue to compare Senator Thune, Senator Johnson, Rep. Hereseth-Sandlin and Rep. Elect Noem’s positoins.

  11. Anonymous

    Arrowhead, the food safety bill passed the House a year ago.

    If Herseth was doing her job and being responsive since she’s still on the payroll, she could explain that to us, her constituents.

  12. Arrowhead

    I just want to know what they all think of it since it’s being voted on.

    Didn’t Thune support it at one time? Even vote to allow it to come up for a vote? Mostly i’m curious what our reps think of it.

  13. Duh

    @ John:

    “Duh, Conservatives have done nothing to help SD?s economic situation. The reason SD has been in good shape is because we have an ag-based economy and it?s proven to hold up fairly well against the downturn (though we?ve still been affected).”

    Ok, the dems were at the forefront for no personal income taxes, no inheritance taxes, less franchise taxes and the lessening of every other governmental intrusion which quashes business investment and productivity. Right. Name ONE session where the dems haven’t tried to introduce an income tax. Face it, your party isn’t the best for business or the economy in general.

  14. springer

    How do we readers of this blog contact any of the new blog masters about topics that are of importance and maybe should be covered? Someone asked here about the S 501, the food modernization act, that is to be voted on today. This is very important, but most people are unaware of it. Thanks!


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