A detailing of Democrats’ affirmative action delegate requirements.

A detailing of Democrats’ affirmative action delegate requirements. From the Argus:

Soon after the state’s Democratic presidential primary ballots were counted last night the South Dakota Democratic Party sent out a list of 14 of the delegates who will vote at the national party’s convention in Cleveland.


And the process of selecting them isn’t simple. Affirmative action goals dictate that the group must be gender balanced, include eight people under the age of 35, at least two Native Americans, three LGBT people, three people with disabilities and at least one African American, one Hispanic and one Asian American.

Read it here.

In South Dakota, they should be more concerned with people who show up.

9 Replies to “A detailing of Democrats’ affirmative action delegate requirements.”

  1. Springer

    Crazy! Are these percentages even representative of the percentage of LGBT, young, disabled, African American, Hispanic (does this person have to be a citizen as it didn’t say American), Native American, Asian American, and Native Americans in this state?? Guess not if affirmative action is involved.

    1. Spencer

      Does this translate into roughly 1/4 of the convention being LGBT? If so, that is beyond nuts. I guess if I were a member of any of those identified racial groups I would be wondering why my party is trying to stack the LGBT deck against my interests. It seems like rather brazen political pandering to me.

  2. Spencer

    Wow. So, we can safely say that most Democratic delegates are unqualified to be delegates simply based on the insane quota requirements. Make sure you clearly articulate your sexual orientation; the SDDP needs to know. I like how the MSM always says the GOP is trying to make the party appear more diverse with specific speaker lineups. What exactly are the Democrats doing? You cannot even get into the convention unless you adhere to some silly list of quotas.

  3. Springer

    And I thought that the Dems were all about equality and not labeling people as this or that; guess not. You have to be put in a box of some sort and given an arbitrary edge to get considered as a delegate. But I forget that we are talking about Dems here, and common sense isn’t necessarily a high priority with them – just feel good talking points and again the divisive politics of “equality!+

  4. Troy Jones

    It is a long ways from MLK’s dream of a blind society where only character is a legitimate measure of a person.

  5. Wazzzuupp

    Don’t worry guys, that GOP slate will be full of country club, chamber of commerce, bible-reading, gun-toting Trump foot soldiers. We’ll count electoral votes in November. Get ready to get Goldwatered in November. Hell, Hilary might become the first Dem since LBJ beat Goldwater to win SD. Make America Hate Again isn’t a winning formula.

    1. Spencer

      PPP is one of the most reliable polling firms and has Hillary and Trump at 44% in Pennsylvania and Trump by a point in Florida. Romney would have killed for those numbers at any point in 2012. Evidently, Democrats are delusional about Hillary’s likability. She must be “likable enough” for them.

  6. anonymous

    So Trump is racist because a judge may have biases based on the judges background, but the Democrats have these racist, sexist, and ageists quotas?

    I enjoy watching Democrats try to squirm out of their own immoral identity politics.

    1. Springer

      Democrats don’t squirm. They are covered by a media that is blind to any of their indiscretions. But if a GOP did the same thing, oh my, it’s front page, above the fold news for weeks. You just have to look at Clinton to see the proof of this.