A few more appointments this week

Just a few more appointments to pass along to you.

This week Daugaard appointed Andy Gerlach as Secretary of the Department of Revenue and Regulation.  Mr. Gerlach will be replacing Paul Kinsman who will be the new Commissioner of Administration.  Gerlach is currently serving in Afghanistan in the SD National Guard, and will be joining the administration when his tour ends in April.

Today Daugaard appointed Walt Bones  to serve as South Dakota Secretary of Agriculture.   Mr. Bones runs a family farm/ranch and is active in many agriculture associations has has held many leadership positions both in the state and on the national level.

We also learned today that Daugaard will be creating a new cabinet-level position: Secretary of Tribal Affairs.
This position has not yet been filled, but it sounds like interviews are almost complete.  We should know his choice around Christmas.

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  1. Name

    I’d heard a lot of people talking about how much Jarrod Johnson wanted the Ag Sec postition. I suppose Daugaard new he couldn’t appoint more than one officer already.

  2. grudznick

    The young Mr. Johnson is already an elected official. If he wants to serve as just a appointed cabinet chair that tells me how meaningless these elected offices like State Sec. and Sec. of Treasury really are. Abolish those and consolidate them all in one bigger and more powerful elected office that gives the people the power and don’t let there be a whole bunch of elected Johnsons that want to abdicate their thrones. I’m just sayin’…

  3. caheidelberger

    A new cabinet position? Does this mean Daugaard is already making government even bigger? Shouldn’t someone on this blog be going ape about that?

    Combine State and Treasury? No. I’d rather my chief election official not be multitasking to that level.

  4. Name

    I’m not sure Daugaard should have an Ag Sec if it belittles Jarrod’s position. He was elected by the people but why have his position if the Gov appoints someone who is not accountable to the people on Ag issues. Can’t Jarrod’s office handle all of the Ag related issues and just visit the Governor?

  5. MacGregor

    Why would Daugaard appoint an east river SD Cattlemen member to head the Ag department? Is he going down the same anti-west river ag road that Rounds did? I thought Daugaard said he was going to work to resolve some of the problems Rounds created out here. This doesn’t look like a move in that direction to me.

  6. Name

    True Dakotan. Walt Bones has never served a day in Pierre in his life. You should probably check the facts before you lapse into talking points.

    Jarrod Johnson’s job is to manage state owned lands. The secretary of Ag job is entirely different.

  7. Les

    Name, how does the Ag sec belittle Jarrod’s position? As you state later, they are two entirely different jobs! If any here are old enough to remember George D Kane as School and Public Land commissioner, George spent a great amount of energy working to bring public land values closer to market value from what many considered give away to the benefit of most of the citizens in SD. Not having any current knowledge of that matter I can only hope Jarrod is doing the same.

    Walt Bones dad I’m guessing served a term in the SD senate.

    I do not know of anyone familiar with the Bones family who doesn’t hold them to the highest standards. Their family history shows loud and clear, they are the kind of people we need in leadership of our state.

    MacGregor, I had some great West River names in mind for the Sec of Ag position, but do not know of any with this families remarkable history in ag.

  8. MacGregor

    Les – I hope you’re right. I remember this Walt Bones’ father, also Walt Bones, as a stand-up guy. Let’s hope this one is a “chip of the old block” as the saying goes. I’ll reserve judgment until I see how he treats west river ranchers, although having yet another member of the SD Cattlemen in Pierre concerns me. Don’t we have enough of them busy destroying the brand inspection program already after Rounds appointed all SDCA members to the Brand Board to stick it to the Stockgrowers? That sure hasn’t worked out well, has it?

  9. MacGregor

    Les, I know the late Walt Bones was a Stockgrowers president and I respected him. If this Bones is like his father he’s a good choice. If he was named Sec. of Ag because he’s a an anti-Stockgrowers SDCA member, that’s a whole ‘nother story. I’ve had it to my eyeballs with the former administrations vendictive treatment towards the largest cattle association in the state and I’m hoping that Daugaard isn’t going to continue Rounds’ childish ways.

  10. grudznick

    I looked on the internet with my granddaughters help (she knew where to look) and it seems young Mr. Johnson supervises 6 other people. 6.

    The secretary of agriculture supervises 207 and a half. I don’t know about the half person but golly. That’s more than 200 more people. Do you people really think young Mr. Johnson is ready for an increase in responsibility of that magnitude?

    6 people. We shouldn’t even have departments or elected officials with 6 people.

  11. springer

    I heard that some of the departments and divisions were being switched around. For instance, Securities is no longer under Revenue but will be moving to the Department of Labor. I’d like to know why and just what this is supposed to save money-wise. Just shifting chairs on the deck IMO. Why?? Anybody know?

  12. Lee Schoenbeck

    MessageWalt Bones father was a long time and well respected legislator — way back in the day. I believe he lost his senate seat to Sen Rassmussen when the Dems almost took over in 1992 – but I didn’t check for sure.

  13. grudznick

    Mr. springer, I heard that the Department of Ag is moving under young Mr. Johnson’s School Lands Office. It’s not a money saver. It’s the way they want it. They want young Mr. Johnson in charge of Ag.


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