A few more out there running for the Legislature.. (Updated)

My post below earlier today shook a couple of candidates out of the woodwork that we hadn’t heard about previously.

* In Huron, Roger Chase announced his candidacy for a House seat in District 22 as a Republican.   Apparently, it was the Huron Plainsman a week and a half ago. Roger is a former Beadle County commissioner. He is the owner of the local Coldwell Banker realty firm:

Former Beadle County commissioner and current Realtor/farmer Roger Chase has announced his candidacy for the state House of Representatives in District 22.

“Running for the state House is something that I have thought about and now is the right time,” he said in his announcement.

“I have been asked to run by some people in our community and after talking to close friends and my family, I have made the decision to move forward toward a run for one of the state House seats,” he said.

Read that here.

* In District 11, Republican David Landry is circulating a petition for the House of Representatives for the seat vacated by Jim Stalzer, who is running for the State Senate.  Landry works in the health care field in Sioux Falls.

* In District 12, I’ve heard that Scott Bartlett has petitions out to run for the House. Bartlett has been involved with the Constitution party, and I believe he has run before, unsuccessfully, as a Republican.

* District 13 has at least two people out with petitions looking to run for the Senate seat currently held by State Senator Phyllis Heineman. Republican David Bergen apparently made his announcement on the website of his buddy Cory Heidelberger – the most liberal man in South Dakota – a few days back.

I’ve also heard of another Republican with petitions out running for the seat, but we’ll see if that ends up amounting to anything.

newstipAnd there’s still a lot of seats to go. If you’ve got petitions out, or you know of someone who does, drop me a note here!  I’m glad to preserve your anonymity.


A reader did note to me that there’s a Democrat in District 14 who is circulating a petition to run for the House.

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  1. Anon

    You’re wrong about David Bergan. He made the announcement on Facebook and that announcement was picked up by Corey.

      1. Anon

        That was not the part I was disagreeing with. I disagreed with the part that the main announcement was on Dakota Free Press when it was actually on Facebook.

        So what if they’re friends? It sounds like they were involved in debate in Madison. Why does that matter? I’ve supported people I know running for office even though I disagree with their policies.


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