A few more Trump event photos

My daughter was right up front for the Trump event, and was kind enough to pass along some photos to share of the speakers at the podium:

Republican Attorney General Candidate Jason Ravnsborg address the crowd

Dusty Johnson also warms the group up….

As does US Senator Mike Rounds:

GOP Chairman Dan Lederman also gets those Republicans fired up for the main event

Congresswoman and future Governor Kristi Noem..

…as she introduces President Donald Trump!

Kristi’s victory this November will be YUUUGE!

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  1. Chplraj

    For your daughter it was a great historical day and one for her to always remember. Now let us pray this man stays in office as America can afford nothing less than Donald Trump to lead us thru 2024. Thnx again for sharing.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I had it reported to me that it was in the neighborhood of 700.

      I had to pick the tarmac or the main event based on how they closed doors, roads for security, so I went for the landing. There were about 75 where I was.

  2. Anonymous

    Great pictures, publicity and fundraising I would imagine ….

    Hard for Dems to compete with that and social media seems to be buzzing…lots of free pro-Republican publicity!


  3. Anonymous

    My understanding was about 650 people paid for the general admission at $500 each, an additional 70 or thereabouts paid $5000/couple, and the folks at the airport saw the POTUS for free, and got the handshakes, selfies and autographs. Does anybody else have more accurate information?

  4. Anne Beal

    It turns out that Janette McIntyre has written a long piece about how the event couldn’t have raised much money after deducting for expenses like the meal which was served. Bwahahahaha

        1. Anonymous

          What is it with that blog that most that post there don’t even live in South Dakota and some guy asks if everyone went to some Roncalli place?

          1. grudznick

            You are correct, sir, only a handful of people who blog at Mr. H’s blog are from South Dakota. The vast majority are from out of state and can’t even vote in South Dakota, and most are very, very rude. They are like Iowa rude, not South Dakota polite.

    1. Larry

      McIntyre will not lose this fall because she couldn’t even make the valid again cuz she tried to go to the sore loser party formerly known as the Constitution party which is now a former party or soon will be….

  5. Anonymous

    There will continue to be the ‘sour grapes’ crowd commenting on this great event. Shad Olsen, Janette McIntyre, and other FAKE republicans gone elsewhere to whine because they can’t live up to true republican ideals, are spewing their stuff right up there with Billy Sutton. They don’t get that :
    A: It was a FUNDRAISER – $500 was extremely reasonable, especially when it featured the POTUS
    B. The Presidential security admin. determines how many people can attend, not Kristi.
    C. Billy Sutton & his dems want to twist the truth. Kristi’s pac, not someone else’s, was formed long before this race and it’s to help other republicans as well. She didn’t go against any pledge.
    The true, strong republicans who were not able to attend will be happy Trump came for our, hopefully, next governor, Kristi. They are happy for those who could attend. Trump came because he has a good working relationship with Kristi. If she becomes governor, we hopefully will see him back again.

        1. Anne Beal

          I have heard this complaint repeatedly about all our politicians: “they’re hiding, nobody ever sees them, they only talk to their big donors.”
          The truth is all of them make public appearances which anybody can go to, but you have to get off the couch and go.

          Trump did a rally in Fargo.
          If you can go to Fargo to see Tim McGraw, Def Leppard, Journey, Eric Clapton or The Rolling Stones, you can go there to see the POTUS. If you didn’t bother, that’s on you.

          There is another Trump rally being planned in October, in Wisconsin. Details to be announced. You can get some friends together and share gas and motel rooms for much less than $500 each. Don’t blame anyone else if you don’t bother to go.

    1. Anonymous

      It was the limit of people that White House security (or presidential security?) put on the event, not Kristi Noem. It was a fundraiser, not a public party or rally. Be patient. If she becomes governor, he will hopefully make another appearance! 🙂

  6. Anonymous

    I get a kick out of people that try to make this a close race. Noem will win by 60-40 without a doubt. Sutton’s people have yet identify a path forward that will overcome a 100k difference in voter registration. I don’t buy that the independent vote is going to vote for a liberal Democrat. I suspect the vast majority of independents are not left leaning. In all it appears to be a total Republican victory this fall.

  7. Anonymous

    But, but. . . Sutton wears a cowboy hat all the time. That has to be worth something. It probably doesn’t make up for wanting higher taxes and not answering SDRTL’s questionnaire.

  8. Matthew Paulson

    I had the privilege of attending this fundraiser and really enjoyed it. Don’t believe the hype about crowd size. From what I was told, they were told they could accommodate about 600 people. Kristi easily pulled in 500K-600K between the $500 ticket price, $5,000 photos (max 50) and $25,000 private reception tickets (max 5-10?). Very successful fundraiser for her.


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