A few new pins for my collection. And the march of the Mundt elephants.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve picked up a few new pins here and there, and today, I made a good raid on the local antique mall while on the way to pick up my daughter.   Today, I spread the sum total of my gatherings, as well as what I cleaned out of my truck, out on my desk:


There’s an Alick Kundert Skinny Cat Club Pin from her run for Governor. A great big Clint Roberts pin I hadn’t seen before, and a Nils Boe pin I hadn’t seen, as well as a few others I didn’t have. I’ve been trying to pick up some South Dakota presidential related pins, as they’re typically among the more rare ones

The thing I’m probably the happiest with was finding another three Mundt Morton Elephants for my collection.


There were at least two, maybe three produced for as many South Dakota candidates, and the Mundt elephants are by far the most plentiful.

I’ve got two varieties here (Mundt and Mundt, and GOP and Mundt). They were produced by the Morton Pottery company in the 1950’s, and they made them for primarily GOP candidates, although there were a few Morton Donkeys out there.

Handing out ceramic figurines to campaign supporters apparently went by the wayside in the 1950’s, but they’re still a nifty tchotchke for the campaign memorabilia collector.

2 Replies to “A few new pins for my collection. And the march of the Mundt elephants.”

  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    Didn’t realize there were two versions of the Mundt piece, now have more digging to do. There is a grey Case piece that is identical to these, was happy to find that

    1. Pat Powers

      I need to find a Case elephant, and I think there’s one more South Dakota one out there. Scott Heidepreim used to have several of the elephants on his legislative desk, so I’m not sure if he has the other variation.

      I literally clean out the local antique shop every time I go in. I think I bought 6 of the 7 mundt elephants I have pictured in the new masthead there. I also hit them pretty hard on buttons yesterday, and managed a few good ones. The Daschle 25th Anniversary was a good one. I hadn’t seen that particular Boe pin before, and I was very happy to find that 4 inch Roberts button. I think they still have another Kundert skinny-cat pin.


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