A few observations about that Nelson team.

If you noticed the post below, State Representative Stace Nelson has announced his campaign team for the US Senate Race, naming off everyone who is involved with the effort.   A few thoughts struck me as I was reading the release.

Four of them are current legislators, with Dan Kaiser, Elizabeth May, Chip Campbell, and campaign chairman Lance Russell.

Lance was a good choice for Nelson, given his political experience.  Russell had been the West River person for the Timmer for Congress Campaign, Pennington County Executive Director, and Executive Director of the SDGOP for a time under Joel Rosenthal before Lance decided to go to Law School.  Russell provides some badly needed experience for the campaign, but it remains to be seen how much he’ll be involved in the day to day operation.

R. Shawn Tornow is representing Stace as his campaign’s attorney… weeks after rolling him under the bus in closing testimony for the Dan Willard robocall trial? That’s not going to help the specter of the trial and his alleged involvement in the matter fade anytime soon.

I thought that was libertarian blogger Ken Santema who was pictured walking the parade for Nelson in Aberdeen.  Santema had been talking about running as a Libertarian candidate for SOS, but now he’s on the campaign team for a Republican candidate? We also have the former chair of the South Dakota Constitution Party, Scott Bartlett, working the campaign as well.

I caught at least 4 mentions of people being “Christian Conservatives” in this press release as part of their curriculum vitae.  That was part of the particular phraseology that got Nelson crossways with former GOP chair Joel Rosenthal.

Several people involved with the campaign out west cite membership in the SD Citizens for Liberty (SDCFL) group. Does this mean that Nelson is running as the Tea Party alternative this year?

And, it didn’t escape my attention that Nelson has 2 of the South Dakota Blogosphere’s bloggers named as actively working on his campaign, with the previously mentioned Ken Santema, as well as Gordon Howie, the former Gubernatorial candidate who himself ran as the Tea Party alternative for Governor in 2010.

Anything I missed about the campaign team that you noticed?

16 Replies to “A few observations about that Nelson team.”

    1. SDJammer

      It is interesting how liberal Republicans are completely offended when somebody calls them a RINO. However, they can then immediately turn around and make statements like the one above. There is only one explanation for this hypocrisy and that is: LIBERAL

  1. Anonymous

    Jammer, you need to understand that most people just skip over your posts. Too boring and repetitive. You need to come up with something interesting. I assume you are paid by somebody or group and they certainly aren’t getting their moneys worth.Really.

  2. Anonymous

    Apparently if you are a lawyer and want to work on this campaign you have to get yourself disciplined by the Supreme Court for ethical violations first.

    1. Anonymous

      Yeah, because lawyers going after lawyers, you can rest assured that they go after the bad ones.. 😀

      Imagine that, the only two conservative lawyers to serve in SD legislature and the BAR goes after them..

      1. Anonymous

        Yea, there’s a conspiracy involving the State Bar and the Supreme Court to silence Russell and Tornow. Got it. You’re good with conspiracies – perhaps there’s room for you on the Nelson campaign? Or are you already onboard?
        I encourage readers of this blog to review the Supreme Court opinions imposing discipline. The violations are clear.
        It should be concerning to voters that Nelson associates with these types. But that is becoming his pattern. The law apparently don’t apply if you’re idealogically pure enough.

  3. grudznick

    My lord of the flies. It appears as if Mr. Nelson’s entire support base has signed onto his campaign. Never has such a collection been assembled.

    1. Anonymous

      Now that cannot be, you just quipped the other day that he had all of 12 supporters across the state.. 😀

      Pretty impressive in that he came into the race well after Rhoden & Dr Che Geuvera and they have yet to announce anything of substance.

  4. Anonymous

    With the exception of one or two- that’s the scariest group of SD citizens you could possibly assemble.

  5. Troy Jones

    With the exception of Russell, there is nobody who has any real experience of building an organization. I always hear about the power of “grass roots” but too often is a euphemism for lack of organization. Winning an elections is no different than any other successful endeavor: the effort must be organized. Chaos is never successful.

    All of the candidates have elements of “grass roots.” Sometimes more than the size of the “grass roots,” the magnitude of the impact is the organization and how they are organized. Unless Russell is taking a leave of absence and going full-time, Nelson needs to augment his full-time organization structure or whatever “grass roots” he has will be mostly chaos and ineffective.

    P.S. I know the pro-Nelson folks think this was an anti-Nelson rant. My comments apply to Bosworth too as Pat Davis is similar to Russell-part-time organization leadership.

    Rounds has Glodt. Rhoden has Phillips. How well they are doing it is hard to assess but they at least have the infrastructure currently.