A few photos from tonight’s Lincoln Day Dinner

Great time at the Minnehaha County Lincoln Day Dinner!  Huge Kudos to Dave Roetman! And to everyone who helped and made it happen.

Here’s what I had a chance to snap in-between chatting.


Sorry about the photo Don. (It’s my thing, I take photos at events!)


Senator Thune talks about Democrats, and how they used to roam freely. (Now their numbers have dwindled through over hunting, but no one wants to call the season off.)


Blake Curd introduces Chris Paranto, as Curd was a major reason we were able to get him to the dinner. Great speech. Not often you hear about turtle heads at Lincoln Day dinners. (and it was funny)


Mike Rounds talks about his work, and his appreciation for the Republicans who put him in office, as well as why we need to return Senator Thune to the US Senate.


Congresswoman Kristi Noem addresses the upbeat and excited crowd!

I was towards the middle, and you can see how big the crowd was from my vantage point:


6 Replies to “A few photos from tonight’s Lincoln Day Dinner”

  1. Garet

    Don… it looks like you’re getting tired of being lectured to!
    This photo deserves a caption contest 🙂

  2. Anonymous

    Rounds gave a great speech and was clearly the frontrunner for governor in 2018 of all the attendees.