A great one will soon slip from the bonds of this earth.

On his facebook page, Lobbyist Larry Mann notes today that former State Senator Jim Dunn has been given the last rites, and is close to his time of passing from this earth.


There are many who know him better than I, but I’m glad for the time our paths crossed. He was truly a good guy, and one of the last of a breed which we see all too seldom in the halls of the State Legislature.

God speed Jim Dunn.

4 Replies to “A great one will soon slip from the bonds of this earth.”

  1. Lee Schoenbeck

    Jim was a great one. I served with Jim. He was our assistant majority leader. He always had that level-headed conservative, problem solving, practical approach to problems. Jim is what the legislature needs more of

    1. Anonymous

      Lee you should write a guest post for theSDWC about that senate primary in Watertown. Who will win?

      Which is a Jim Dunn?

  2. Troy Jones

    Rollie Chicoine and now Jim Dunn. Every now and then we need a reminder what a good and noble endeavor elected service is and how we are enriched when good people step up.

    Senator Dunn, may your last days with us be peaceful and all the rest of your days be in the presence of your Lord.

  3. Anonymous

    I served with him during his last term which was the last class before term limits took effect. He had such a big personality and big heart not to mention his vast knowledge and experience. I remember visiting with Dunn, Whiting, and Halverson together and just being in awe of them.
    A great public servant!