A little debate… Opting in, versus opting out on sex ed.

After the proposed change on emergency clause failed to be calendared, the platform plank addition of 4,3 on “opting in” for sex education is receiving a bit of debate.

Some are saying there should be a mandatory opt-in if they’re to receive sex  ed, but others argue most parents won’t read an opt in request, as opposed to those objecting to it opting out.

Teachers, school board members, and a school administrator all are testifying why requiring an opt-in is unworkable.

Debate was ended forcefully by calling the question.

….and the platform addition was carried by a majority.

One Reply to “A little debate… Opting in, versus opting out on sex ed.”

  1. Anne Beal

    Everyone opposed to the opt-in was operating under the delusion that sex education is more beneficial than, say, Foreign languages.
    But fifty years of sex education in the schools has had no benefit at all, the girls are still getting knocked up. And they can’t even speak French.