A lone grumbler regarding the State Fair’s pot protest. God help us all.

Remember last weeks’ protest of pot supporters that fell a little short?

Of course, that elicited a well deserved mocking. But at least on Facebook, someone got off the couch long enough to grumble about the disdain:


Just out of sheer curiosity, I had to check out this face of pot legalization in South Dakota. And by gosh, I was not disappointed:


I’m not sure what f*****g beastin’ is, but it sounds like there would be a lot more of it if pot was legalized in the state. God help us if that’s any reflection of our future.

Probably more than a good reason to keep it illegal.

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      1. Anonymous

        No the REAl reason was that during the Mexican civil war of 1910, we had a big influx of Mexicans. They used lots of Marijuana, so to give the authorities an excuse to harass, discourage, arrest, deport them marijuana was prohibited. The laws were designed to protect American interests from Mexicans, not protect the citizens from the effects of the pot

        1. Anonymous

          Wow, that’s so enlightening, except it’s not true.

          Another Howard Zinn-like anti-American “explanation.”

          Thanks Larry.

        2. Anonymous

          So when the Mexican federal government banned pot in 1925, were they using it as an excuse to harass, discourage, arrest and deport Americans?

          1. Anonymous

            Probably. Nobody had any trouble with it until people started smoking it. Actually hemp was the best textile for making sails, ropes, boat shoes and anything else which would be in contact with salt water. Anyway there have always been people who can’t stand the idea that somebody somewhere is having a good time whether they are smoking, drinking, dancing, gambling etc. The Puritans even made “keeping Christmas” a criminal offense.

  1. Anonymous

    There are a few of these South Dakota medical pot legalization facebook pages and those that post are just like this kid. Either fresh out of high school or in the 20’s and most work in fast food or various low end food service jobs with comments on Keloland like “Yes, it puts a smile a peoples faces and have a good time with friends then they eat some munchies….doesn’t sound like a bad deal. ”

    That’s all we need are more lethargic under achievers and more drivers out there possibly under the influence

  2. Mike Q

    I submit for consideration a thought exercise. Two men are hanging out at a home. One is smoking pot in excess; the other is drinking liquor in excess. What is the average behavior or consequences of smoking a lot of pot? Hunger and lethargy. What is an average behavior of to much drinking? A inflated sense of self; an impaired sense of judgement, etc. . The pothead will in most instances order a pizza and pass out. The drinker may drive on a road, hit a car, or culvert, and kill themselves. The possibilities can be reversed. But how often is one charged with vehicular manslaughter while under the influence of pot, as opposed to liquor ?

    1. Anonymous

      I thought you were a limited govt conservative, dugger. If a doc things pot will help a person, why is it any of your business?

      1. duggersd

        Apparently you know very little about me. First, I just said I found it difficult to believe that any perceived medical benefit could not be replicated. Then I linked an article about a study that is being planned. I did not actually state a position. But if you would like one, I do not have a problem with legalization if the consequences are borne by the users and nobody else. When they cannot get a job due to their insisting on smoking their product, they have to skip unemployment benefits and cannot accept welfare. Until we make people deal with the results of using things like this, then I guess the government has a duty to restrict its use.

        1. Jammer

          Just one other suggestion for you to put into your list of qualifiers is that any legalization MUST come through the legislature and not a initiative ballot measure. If a state’s elected representatives after careful deliberation come to the conclusion that it is the right thing for a state and they craft a WELL written bill that prevents many of the problems association with this issue, then perhaps everything will be fine.

          However, every voter except the “pot heads” should vote NO on any ballot measure that brings this to a vote. The bill will be poorly written with so many problems that you won’t be able to count them.

  3. Troy Jones

    I hate the term “under-achiever” as it seems politically correct. Let’s instead use a term that is more accurate even if it hurts feelings- “losers.”

    These people through a series of choices (and non-choices like getting up in the morning) lose out on meaningful family lives, parenting, jobs which allow a semblance of independence and choice, diversity of friendships, and, in the end, a humble self-respect for their own worth.

    Maybe someone will say what they “gain” makes them “winners” but i need to hear what matters more than what they lose, and usually lose for their entire life.

    1. Anonymous

      Exaggerate much, Troy? I bet you know plenty of productive, contributing members of society who smoke pot regularly, but hide it from you due to your over the top judgmentalism.

  4. Bill Fleming

    LOL.Pretty funny with the goofy attempt at stereotyping pot smokers as losers. On the flip side, consider that all three of our most recent presidents have admitted to smoking pot. And their opponents (the losers) claimed they didn’t. Just sayin’ šŸ™‚

  5. Troy Jones


    If this kid knows what it means, he is making my point. He even doesn’t think it is a big deal where he works and earns his living.

    If one doesn’t value what you do with most of your day, how can one see value in oneself? My grandpa told me once value every hour and however you spend that hour, give it your all. At the end of the day, you will be able to say “today was a good day.”

    1. Anonymous

      I can just see a conversation Jimmy did you a productive day? Jimmy replies “Dude! I got so stoned!”