A lot to get done, little time to do it.

With all the media attention on the group of congressmen-elect, the current congress starts back up with full plate, they have about a week  to get it done, before Thanksgiving.  They will take a week off then come back and either finish or give up.

Some of the things they need to deal with is

  • A budget.  none of the annual spending bills needed to keep the government running have been passed.  The budget year was supposed to have started October 1.  The Government has been running on a ‘continuing resolution’ since. It expires December 3rd, then it is lights out, I guess.
  • The Bush tax cuts. Is The White House ready to at least extend them for everyone?  That depends on you you ask.
  • The trail of  Rep. Charles Rangel, D-N.Y for violating ethics rules. He asked for more time to hire a new attorney. Really?
  • There are next year’s leadership positions that need to be taken care of.

Of course those members who are not coming back. need to clean out their offices; anyone need a box?

2 Replies to “A lot to get done, little time to do it.”

  1. MikeH

    I was happy to see the ethics committee proceed without Rangel. That was obviously a ploy by him to stall. He knew the date of the hearing. He begged for his day to be heard.

    I cant imagine he needs time to set up a committee to raise money to get donations to pay for his ethics hearing. He is quite wealthy, and can handle it on his own. Obviously just stalling.


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