A new collectible for my wall on the way. Pierre has won for Permanent Capital.

I’ve collected political items for quite a few years, and have managed to assemble a somewhat respectable grouping of them. But as I get older, and have less and less room for quantity, I’ve tried to keep my interests narrower than I used to. I tend not to get excited over presidential pins, preferring South Dakota items.

When it comes to South Dakota items, the ones I really get excited over are the really early political items, and in that category, ribbons and pins from the State Capitol fight are a high interest level for me.  This morning, I was excited to get the winning bid on one in that category that I’d never come across before:

Pierre_souvenir1 Pierre_souvenir2

This “Badge Pin” was issued in 1904 in commemoration of Pierre winning the final fight for the location of the State Capitol between Pierre and Mitchell.  I’ve never seen it before, but it’s going to make a great display with a few other State Capital fight items I have hanging in my office.

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