A new telephone message that’s going out in District 19 from Governor Daugaard.

And my requests for an update on the things that were coming are answered. This is what is coming in D19, and I’d bet Stace Nelson doesn’t have one of these.

Governor Dennis Daugaard is sending this message out on his own dime, and encouraging people to go out and vote in District 19 for Caleb Finck, as he evokes memories of the positive leadership the District had under Ed and Bill Van Gerpen as well as Jim Putnam.

As I understand, while the Governor has general spots encouraging people to vote, this is the only one that he’s specifically doing for a Legislative candidate.

It’s a nice spot, for a deserving candidate.


23 Replies to “A new telephone message that’s going out in District 19 from Governor Daugaard.”

  1. Anonymous

    “A candidate you will be proud of” was what stuck out to me!

    That sure isn’t Stace!

  2. Troy Jones

    One of two things you can count on, Stace will either be:

    1) A really mad guy in Pierre or

    2) A really mad guy at home.

    1. anonymous

      Who are you to judge?

      If you cannot say or write something nice, then shut the heck up.

      Where do you get off suggesting that someone is mad at home? You don’t have any idea what this guy is like at home, so shut up.

      1. Anonymous

        He is a voter…we all get to judge today…that is the process….. and have you seen Stace? all he does is attack…where are any of his ideas….

    2. Anonymous

      So far, it’s looking like 1) A really mad guy in Pierre. He’s trouncing Mr. Finck.

  3. Ed Randazzo

    The Governor should not be meddling in party politics pitting one Republican against another. Primaries are where the rank and file can make a statement about the direction their party should take and unify, not where the party leader seeks to divide his own party.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      Ed, is there a bylaw that states this? I’m pretty sure that’s your personal feeling, and not anything encoded in republican guidelines.

      1. Ed Randazzo

        Not everything is codified, nor should it be. It’s called commonsense. A true leader should be a unifier, not a divider.

    2. Anonymous

      After all the despicable things you have said about the Governor your protest rings hallow.

  4. Lee Schoenbeck

    “Party leader” stays out of primary fight – interesting. As I recall, that used to mean ALL party leaders, like county chairs and the like. I think that’s long gone by the wayside, and we’re back to every person, whoever they are, being allowed to exercise their Constiutional right to participate in the election process. That’s a good thing, isn’t it?

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I’m sure those that dislike it can always kick him out. Then they can make the rules, raise the money, etc and so on.

  5. Troy Jones


    I agree in general. However, with all generalizations there are exceptions and this race is just such an exception- One of the GOP primary candidates is running with a central theme critical of the Governor. The Governor, his opponents, and leadership have not only a right to respond but an obligation to respond.

    Further, you should be pleased since historically such involvement has at best had mixed results. But, again, there are always exceptions to every rule. Tonight we will know.

  6. A Nony Moose

    I would guess that all party leaders (insert Governor) try to load up the House and Senate with yes-men and yes-women, and possibly yes-transgender.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      That was extraordinarily stupid, lacking a foundation, evidence or merit.

  7. Steve Sibson

    Looks like the SDGOP so-called big tent isn’t big enough for Stace, according to the Establishment leaders. Perhaps the reason it is called a big tent is because it is run by liberals. That way Big Government can more easily partner with Big Business, all thanks to the Big Tent.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      If he doesn’t feel welcome, maybe it’s because he’s alienated himself.

      1. Steve Sibson

        So we have to accept the marriage of big business and big government, and not peak out against it in order to not alienate ourselves? Sounds a lot like the ACLU of Georgia where leadership openly opposing men going into a women’s restroom and traumatizing young girls is not welcome. Sad that we have a governor in South Dakota who sides with the ACLU and vetoes such opposition, but it does say a lot about the war against true conservatives right here in South Dakota. We are suppose to support the party, but forget about being a part of leadership. Leave that job to the liberals.

    2. Anonymous

      Or maybe because he forgot one of the military values of LOYALTY and left the big tent himself to support an Independent when he was a sore loser and lost his primary….

      1. Steve Sibson

        Stace Nelson’s “Loyalty” is well placed toward his country and the Constitution that is suppose to reflect the law of that country.

  8. Anonymous

    Didn’t Van Gerpen and Putnam both vote for the Rounds deficit spending budgets? Wouldn’t that make them fiscal liberals?

  9. Anonymous

    I guess if Daugaard’s opinion mattered to me this would work to sway me, but given his wishy-washy, less-than-conservative actions lately, his opinion matters not a bit to me.