A post script to the Christopher P. Svarstad story. They Will Not Be Distracted.

I just received the following email in response to Christopher P. Svarstad story; the candidate from Yankton with the rap sheet as long as my arm.. who apparently is trapped in the 1950s with his terminology for African-Americans.


I’m Garret Wright spokesman for Chris Svarstad for District 18 House.

We’re responding to your recent post:

These kind of attacks are not surprising. This is exactly the kind of divisive politics that turns away people of all parties. We’re not going to be distracted. Chris Svarstad has a message, that government isn’t working right and that it’s too intrusive. People want solutions, not just idle rhetoric. That’s what we’re going to talk about.

What? Apparently the candidate’s familiarity with our court system has somehow become divisive politics on my part? My dear readers, as you might suspect, I wasn’t going to let that one go.

Thank you for your note.

I will make sure I get it posted on Dakota War College this afternoon.

Not because I believe there’s an ounce of sincerity behind the statement, but it is absolutely, hands down, the funniest damn thing I have read all day.

I’m sure readers will giggle as much as I am right now.

I even got a response.

Ok. We’re not going to be distracted. Thanks

Good to hear they’re not going to be distracted. Now if they would just consider reality.


I think I hit a nerve. Since writing the original story, Svarstad has taken a big ax to his social media, heavily redacting his linked in profile, and erased his “business page” with wild claims of being a political consultant.

He also erased and replaced a personal website page of his with one attacking me in any number of legally actionable ways.  But, that’s a chat for myself and an attorney. In the meantime, if you look at his Facebook page (where he deleted the post where he called a CNN reporter a “fat Negro”), there is an attack on me that’s funny:

Apparently I’ve gone downhill since Governor George Mickelson used to read me.  Never mind he was killed in a plane crash in 1993, over twenty years before I started writing. Although, it’s good to hear that he liked it.

And someone explain to me how noting those arrest notices from the newspaper were lies?  Darn arrests. They must have gotten the wrong guy.

It’s going to be a long election for someone.  Not me, but for someone…

24 Replies to “A post script to the Christopher P. Svarstad story. They Will Not Be Distracted.”

  1. Anonymous

    I’m sorry that I find a complete lack of self-control and violent tendencies distracting. It must be me and not the dufus who can’t seem to stop getting in trouble. I suppose if Bill Ayers can be buddies with the current socialist president despite his violent, criminal past, this shouldn’t be any big deal.

  2. Lynn

    I feel sorry for what has become of the Democratic party here in SD. Competition makes us all better. Can they go any lower? What a joke!

    1. crossgrain

      Pretty sure the Democratic Party isn’t behind this one… Unless you’re willing to make the argument that the Republican Party is behind Annette Bosworth? This guy appears to be a loon – ala Vermin Supreme, but without the social commentary. Ponies anyone?

  3. Troy


    Herseth spent a ton of money on advertisements highlighting Noem’s speeding tickets. Were those ” the kind of divisive politics that turns away people of all parties” or something different?

    I think Tornberg should answer that question.

  4. Observer

    Clearly this young man has some issues but that does not mean he needs to be made fun of. I thought we are a Christian Nation. The comments I’m reading are like those of a school yard bully. I understand that he signed his name on the dotted line but the threads about him are uncalled for. Maybe we could all use a dose of compassion!

    1. Anonymous

      I too find the comments rather disconcerting, and yes, unchristian.

      Like Jay Williams, it seems that a better route would be to counsel them to change their ways, or stop posting unbecoming material on social media.

      Instead of the “they do it too” excuse from the previous commenter, maybe some compassion and quiet counseling would be more appropriate than the unchristian “go get ’em” mentality? Especially when the authors/attackers/bullies are self-proclaimed Christians.

      It’s just not very grown up…

  5. Chris

    I’m digging on the mixing of some very odd metaphors. Running away like a wet dog and folding like a cheap shotgun? Also surprised to hear that DWC was invented by George S. I suppose that makes sense. He probably came up with it right after AL Gore invented the internets.

    You should have pipelined this stuff over to your daughter for use at Strollers. You just can’t make up this wealth of material.


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