A potential sighting of endangered species AKA Democrats debating

Looks like the Argus Leader has forced Matt Varilek and Jeff Barth’s hand. If they were trying to make it through an entire primary campaign without debating, they almost succeeded. At least until Jonathon Ellis noticed and called them out on it.

I’m still not convinced they will actually go through with the Q&A since both candidates come across as publicity shy creatures.

But you never know, they might appear before a live audience in Brookings for a candidate forum May 23rd.

(That is, if any Democrats realize there is a.) a primary and b.) that they have candidates competing for the nomination.)

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  1. Mike L

    I am sure that you will be pushing Mrs. Noem to have three or four debates with the Democratic challenger when the primary voting is done. I would look forward to seeing that. My guess is she will be busy attending Ag Committee hearings and not be able to make them.

  2. Job Creator

    Be careful what you wish for. Word to the wise. Wouldn’t it be better to just let them keep their mouths shut rather than start putting out points that voters won’t like. After all, Congress has a horrible approval rating right now. Why throw gasoline on the fire?

  3. insomniac

    I’m really surprised by the lack of public events from the SDDP promoting their candidates. How much work is it to get a forum in SF, Brookings, Aberdeen, Watertown, Rapid City and Pierre?

    Maybe Nesselhuf thought SHS would run and all would take care of itself?

  4. debate this

    SD Republicans should not be too chipper about the demise of Democrats. When life-long Democrats like Val Rausch, David Lust, Joni Cutler, Mark Kirkeby, et al can take over the “Republican” SD Legislature, something worse then Democrats are the problem in SD.

    1. ymous

      Cutler was a joke and Deb Peters is a bigger joke. They are democrats. Look at their votes. We need them gone or ask them to register in the democrat party.

      1. Anonymous

        Cutler was a Democrat, so was Rausch, Lust, Kirkiby and others. When they register as Republicans just to get elected, it doesn’t mean they are Democrats or that they are Republicans.. What it does mean is they are political prostitutes who have no principles and are simply self-serving politicians.

  5. Anonymous

    (That is, if any Democrats realize their is a.) a primary and b.) that they have candidates competing for the nomination.)

    The word you’re looking for is ‘there’ not ‘their’. And speaking of endangered, why won’t Kristi Noem talk to the media about her lack of attendance at committee meetings in DC? Her people told KELO news that Noem wasn’t available Sunday, Monday or today to talk about it. Your Congresswoman is digging herself a deep hole. http://www.keloland.com/NewsDetail6162.cfm/Rep_Noems_Participation_In_Washington/?Id=131728


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