A tale of two campaigns. Jordan Mason explains his movement from the Tapio campaign to the Krebs campaign

Campaign consultant Jordan Mason, currently managing Lance Russell’s effort for Attorney General, offered a comment this morning (Under the Neal Tapio FEC Report post) about appearing on Congressional Candidate Neal Tapio’s campaign finance form as having done work for him, while also circulating petitions for Congressional Candidate Shantel Krebs.

You see…. it’s all about divisions.

It’s just like having one division writing against ballot initiatives, and another going to work for a ballot initiative to increase taxes.

Got it?

12 Replies to “A tale of two campaigns. Jordan Mason explains his movement from the Tapio campaign to the Krebs campaign”

  1. Anonymous

    How could Tapio hire him in 2017 when he didn’t organize until 2018 Jordan made of just created a few more problems for Tapio.

    1. Pat Powers Post author

      I don’t believe Neal had raised or spent 5k at that point, so would have been below any reporting threshold.

  2. Anonymous

    Under the FCC rules that applies to testing the water versus campaigning -campaigning consist of explicitly working as a candidate, such as developing a website.

  3. Anonymous

    If I was a candidate I think I would make any consultant I work with sign a nondisclosure agreement and a non-compete so you don’t have this situation. The last thing you want is somebody going off like a loose cannon like Ken Crow did on Jason Ravnsborg.

  4. Anonymous

    Good point on the non-compete and non disclosure but that should be the standard when working with professionals.

  5. Call me Crazy

    Is this not kind of creepy and scary that some young kid is working on 3 or 4 major office wannabes at all? Seriously, sad for South Dakota. Do we not have talented statesmen or women anywhere in the state or elsewhere in order not to fight and give one young man such “power” if you will over competing offices in a state that already has trouble believing there is any transparency in many areas with many candidates? Puzzling, troubling and tragic.

  6. enquirer

    i would think it would be hard to be the connection between two campaigns that need to take each other’s voter base to succeed. kind of like cats over a clothesline.


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