Abdallah withdraws from consideration for Board of Pardons and Paroles

From the Argus Leader, reports are coming in that former State Legislator Gene Abdallah is withdrawing his name from consideration for the Board of Pardons and Paroles:

Gene Abdallah, a former U.S. Marshal and state highway patrol superintendent, said poor health would prevent him from serving in the position.


Abdallah, whom Attorney General Marty Jackley appointed to the board last year, maintained in his withdrawal letter to Jackley that he never made inappropriate comments during his time in office, despite allegations otherwise.

“My friends have encouraged me to fight back against these nasty attacks. If I were younger and in good health, nothing could keep me from the challenge,” Abdallah wrote. “I also want to thank you for standing by me when false attacks were leveled against me by a person who was motivated by political gain.”

Read it all here.

Attorney General Jackley is appointing Anne Hajek in Abdallah’s place.

5 Replies to “Abdallah withdraws from consideration for Board of Pardons and Paroles”

  1. Anon1

    Too bad…Abdallah would have never backed down unless Jackley asked him to. Another example of political pressure overshadowing everything else.

  2. Lee A Schoenbeck

    Gene is a good person and would have made a great board member. If you’ve seen him lately you have a sense of how bad his health issues are. Hopefully he was kidding, but today he told me to dust off my suit (I told him i’d start a weight lifting program!). Nobody, except Duda, tells Gene what to do.

  3. Troy Jones

    Gene doing something out of pressure from a politician. hilarious and absurd. He told the Governor and his boss to stuff it more than once.

    Anne is great pick. Really great pick.


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