Aberdeen City Councilman, former Dem Senate Candidate Mark Remily reportedly joins the GOP

Here’s an interesting item you probably won’t hear elsewhere.  The word is out today that Aberdeen City Councilman Mark Remily (NE District), who ran as a Democrat in both the primary and the general election for District 3 State Senate in 2014 has recently switched political parties from being registered as a Democrat over to joining the SDGOP:

As late as last year, my voter records show Remily as being registered as a Democrat, so the change is a recent one.

(My source who pointed it out speculated that he’d heard it might be because Remily didn’t want to be associated with Aberdeen Democrat Cory Heidelberger. But that’s just speculation at this point. Not that I’d blame him.)

Regardless of his reasons, I’d like to take the opportunity to offer a warm handshake, and welcome another member to the big tent of the SDGOP.

8 Replies to “Aberdeen City Councilman, former Dem Senate Candidate Mark Remily reportedly joins the GOP”

    1. Anonymous

      Do you even know if this individual holds any of the positions you mentioned? Or are you just making blind assumptions because of the party switch?

      Regardless, the GOP needs more pro-LGBTQ people. The fight over gay marriage is over. The sooner the party can get past that, the better the chance it has at winning fights over taxes, spending, abortion and the 2nd Amendment.

      1. Liberty Dick

        It’s an easy assumption if you peruse Mr. Remily’s Facebook page.
        Lots of Bernie Sanders loving. Not any Republican loving. My first guess is he lost a bet. My last is that he had a sudden conservative change of heart. Most likely clerical error of some sort.


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