Aberdeen democrat Brian Bengs files FEC paperwork to run against John Thune for US Senate

From the Federal Elections Commission, it appears that Democrats have a candidate for US Senate.

Brian Bengs, a former assistant professor at Northern, has filed paperwork to run against US Senator John Thune:

Brian Bengs Fec by Pat Powers on Scribd

Bengs has also posted a linked-in page for his candidacy, where he labels himself as an “Independent thinker, former professor, attorney, U.S. Navy veteran and U.S. Air Force retiree,” and he has a facebook page up noting he’s a political candidate, but that’s about it at the moment.

10 thoughts on “Aberdeen democrat Brian Bengs files FEC paperwork to run against John Thune for US Senate”

  1. Advice to Brian Bengs. Stay away from CAH, his blog, all those out of state name callers and Living Blue in South Dakota toxic nut jobs. Too bad he chose to run as a Dem here in SD but at least try to run more of an independent. He will be on his own anyways with the SDDP being a wreck.

    1. True to form Mr. Bengs and adding to my post at 9:05am those insaner than most out of state name callers have helped kill plenty of campaigns for the SDDP. I wheel around the Capitol in Pierre often during session and was having breakfast in the basement cafe with a former SDDP Exec Director and often said those bloggings made this director and staff’s job hard. Those bloggings scared voters away made it nearly impossible for candidates and the party to fundraise.

      We asked a few higher ups in the SD Republican Party in Pierre during an hour that is happy if those name callers who are from Iowa, New Mexico, Colorado, Wisconsin, Minnesota and Wyoming were on their payroll with a little wink. They winked back with a grin and said no. Beware Mr. Bengs! Still time to switch to an Indy!

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