Accuracy, versus pushing agendas.

Under a prior post, I had a flurry of comments from someone trying to claim that I’m pushing a particular candidate for President Pro Tempore of the Senate that I didn’t let through. 

Why? Because it couldn’t be farther from the truth, and was an outright lie.

The same anonymous poster was also trying to say Lance Russell should be Pro Tem, and Brock Greenfield should run for Maj. Leader, etc. Given comments on another website this AM, I suspect it wasn’t so anonymous. 

The problem wasn’t anonymity, as much as pushing one’s agenda in the face of accuracy.

I have been directly told that, despite what some are trying to do bolster their own standing, is that returning State Senator Brock Greenfield is looking at being a candidate for President Pro Tempore at this point.  And former SDGOP ED/ practicing Attorney Lance Russell has no plans to run for anything. 

Not to mention the fact there’s a number of people currently in a number of positions already who might be gearing up to give it another go, and to move up themselves. (It’s like an election within the election!)

I offered in a prior post the possibility we could see Lance end up in a leadership role in a more conservative Senate.  But first year Senators don’t usually get a top job as this ‘anonymous’ person was promoting. Especially when they aren’t running for it.

These internal races might rumble in the background over the course of a year, but they can’t truly be considered until the landscape is known on November 9th. Those caucus elections take place mid-late November, and those slates are brought forward at session. 

For those questioning where I stand on some of these races, I’m a pretty simple guy. If you see me mention “I heard someone is running,” it’s because I actually heard someone is running.  

If I say “The Senate needs to elect….” Then I’m personally advocating. 

And you won’t typically see me directly advocating in caucus elections because I generally know most of them, I like them, and absent an over-riding reason, I have no need to get into their stuff. 

So, take my comments on caucus activities at face value. I mean what I say when I provide an occasional tip on their inner workings. And trust me, its agenda free!

3 Replies to “Accuracy, versus pushing agendas.”

  1. anon1

    I would still hope that there will be enough experienced, level-headed Senators in the caucus to keep the wacko-wing out of leadership.

  2. fretwalker

    “lies” should be posted for all to see then expose those lies… There are many lies posted on every forum.