ACLU trying to slink away from going after AG for allowing a prayer at presser

Anyone noticing that the ACLU is trying to walk back their involvement in scolding Marty Jackley for having a prayer at the informational meeting on the Westerhuis Murder/Gear Up Press conference?

On KSFY yesterday, the ACLU was puffing out their chest on the matter:

spinelessacluACLU South Dakota leaders believe a public prayer held during a press conference in Platte violates the constitution.


For some this could be a time to pray, but ACLU South Dakota leaders question where it’s appropriate.


ACLU executive director Heather Smith said “as a representative of government, the attorney general’s job is to represent all people, and not just a portion of people. In this case, the reference to Heavenly Father at the press conference, could be taken as in reference to Christ, and one religion in particular over others, or no religion at all.”

Read that here.

But after a response from AG Jackley,

Marty Jackley“Joining a community that has tragically lost an entire family in a moment of prayer is both appropriate and legal. The United States Supreme Court has clearly upheld and recognized the Guaranteed Constitutional Right to Freedom of Religion. As Attorney General, I have joined with other State Attorneys General in successfully allowing gatherings which include local government and other legislative functions to open a meeting with an appropriate prayer. I invite the ACLU to join with me and other State Attorneys General in both recognizing and protecting Civil Liberties and Constitutional Rights,” said Attorney General Jackley.

As well as the support of others who think the ACLU is looking like a drove of jackasses..

.. the SD ACLU actually seems to be trying to slink away, And better yet, they’re in the paper trying to spin it and claim they weren’t the ones who were complaining. (Despite going on TV and all)..

The attorney general’s press release was directed at the American Civil Liberties Union, which was not directly involved in the back and forth.

Courtney Bowie, legal director for the ACLU, said Hanna has worked with ACLU before but was not representing the group in Wednesday’s exchange. However, the organization maintains its stance that allowing a Christian prayer at the press conference violated the Establishment Clause.

Read that here.

Nope. Nothing to do with it. Nothing at all. IT WAS ONLY THEIR FREAKING ED on KSFY howling about AG Marty Jackley, and they’re actually trying to claim that they were not directly involved?


Apparently, when 6 people are lost in a murder suicide, and a state official wants to talk about it, and allows a local pastor to offer a prayer to the local community members, the ACLU will stand firmly against it…

…for the 3 or 4 hours it takes them to realize they look like idiots.

18 Replies to “ACLU trying to slink away from going after AG for allowing a prayer at presser”

  1. Who-dis

    For a group, such as conservatives who worry about government overreach and imposing its self into every facet of life.. It seems that worry stops at Christianity. Weird isn’t it? The hypocrisy.

    1. duggersd

      “Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;” This is the wording of the 1st Amendment. Just where does someone offering a prayer show Congress establishing a religion or prohibiting the free exercise of it? In fact, one could argue that not allowing a prayer would be “prohibiting the free exercise thereof;. The 1st Amendment talks about the freedom of religion, not the freedom from religion.

    2. Anonymous

      For a group like Demoncrats who oppose the death penalty because it is cruel and unusual, it’s funny that their concern stops at convicted murderers and doesn’t extend to the innocent unborn. Oh, the hypocrisy of the Demoncrats.

      I forgot-what about their demand that the Republicans approve Obummer’s left-wing SCOTUS appointee when both Obummer and Clueless Joe Biden both previously opposed naming a nominee in similar circumstances. Demoncrats are always “Do as I say, not as I do”.

    1. Anonymous

      This isn’t about the Dems. Speaking of dim, have all the railroads quietly disappeared yet from South Dakota?

  2. Travis

    It’s not just the ACLU that comes off looking like idiots, but also the Argus. Talk about unbalanced reporting! But that’s nothing new for the Argus. Once again they align and promote the ACLU’s left-wing silliness.

  3. MK

    Enjoyed reading the article and agree the ACLU seem to be back peddling. Hats off to our AG and his response to them.

  4. Anon

    I have to comment how stellar Jackley comes off looking in this ACLU debacle.

    I’ve been on the fence for a long time between siding with Jackley or Mickelson for Governor. This episode has put me firmly in the Jackley camp.

    I like Mark as a guardian of our state’s business interests, but I like Marty better. He’s guardian of not only our state’s business interests but also our state’s values.

  5. Anonymous

    –for the 3 or 4 hours it takes them to realize they look like idiots

    Just 4 hours?

    They’re getting better!