Advertising space available at the SDWC as we continue into 2016. Speaking of advertising…

You might have noticed a few ads have dropped off of the page, as they’ve completed their runs, so, once again has a couple of openings in it’s advertising line-up, including the top position in the right hand banner.

Once these top level spots are filled, the advertiser has the option to lock up that space through the election.

I already have a new advertiser who will be joining me shortly who will be running through November, so if you think you might want to advertise, you should contact me if you might be interested in the few remaining spots on the right, or the additional advertising spots are available on the left column of the page.

Advertising on the website is based on a first come, first serve basis for the available positions.  Advertising slots on the right are 300 by 200 to 300 pixel ads, which may scale slightly depending on WordPress theme. They may be either static image, animated .gif, or flash file, as long as the file size is within acceptable file parameters, does not impede the loading of the website, or interfere with existing code.

Information on ad prices, ad positions, and required ad commitments may be directed to the webmaster by clicking here.

And while I’m on the subject, whether your business is politics or retail, organizational or service, if you find yourself in need of high quality print materials such as business cards, postcards, or brochures, or collateral items such as signs, banners, pens, or pins, or anything that helps you promote your business or campaign, the Dakota Campaign Store is open for business, and available to serve the campaign material needs of Republican and non-partisan campaigns.