Advertising Space Available at the SDWC… Don’t miss out!

Now that we’re a year out from the primaries, as well as the State Party Political Convention races, it’s a good time to remind candidates, ballot issues, and interested organizations that if you’re looking to reach an audience that is among the most public affairs minded and politically engaged in the state, the SDWC has openings in it’s advertising line-up, including the #2 position in the main column. Once these top level spots are filled, that’s it, and they may be locked up through the election.

Advertising on the website is based on a first come, first serve basis for the available positions.  Advertising slots in the main column are 300 x 350 pixel ads, which may scale slightly depending on WordPress theme, and may be either static image, animated .gif, or flash file, as long as the file size is within acceptable file parameters, does not impede the loading of the website, or interfere with existing code.

Our non-campaign season traffic has been up, and averaging around 2500 unique individual visits daily.  At times of flurried activity, the SDWC has reached as high as 9000 or more unique visits in a day (And that’s visits, not hits).  In fact, last Wednesday, we spiked around 4400, so, traffic is good.

If you want to get your message in front of our state’s highest elected officials and opinion leaders, information on ad prices, ad positions, and required ad commitments may be directed to the webmaster by clicking here.

And while I’m on the subject, whether your business is politics or retail, organizational or service, if you find yourself in need of high quality print materials such as business cards, postcards, or brochures, collateral items such as signs, banners, pens, or pins, or anything that helps you promote your business – give me a call for a quote today.

In fact, this week has been big on Car magnets in preparation for the 4th of July Parades. If you’re going to be in a parade, a giant magnet with your campaign logo isn’t a bad idea.

I’ve done some business printing over the past couple of years, and I’m working on expanding that base, since printing a postcard for a business is no different than printing one for a candidate. And gosh darn it, my prices sometimes come up in the neighborhood of 1/3 to 1/2 of many commercial printers.

So, if you find yourself needing high quality full-color business cards, post cards, brochures, car magnets, banners, full color yard signs, etc. drop me a note today.

One thought on “Advertising Space Available at the SDWC… Don’t miss out!”

  1. “…audience that is among the most public affairs minded and politically engaged in the state..” Mr. Powers, you are too kind. Our family have been followers of DWC for only a few years; we continue to return because we enjoy your writing style, topics and layout. You keep us informed, motivated and we get a good laugh from time-to-time. Thanks for YOUR dedication to the people of SD.

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