South Dakota War College provides candidates, companies, and organizations a unique opportunity to direct a targeted message at South Dakota’s politically active, elected officials, and community opinion leaders.

Founded in 2005, and operated by Pat Powers, a long-time South Dakota political activist, ‘dakotawarcollege’ quickly rose through the ranks of other politically driven social media in South Dakota to become the most widely read, and continuously updated independently operated political website in the state.

We’ve been featured in the media, as media during national conventions, we’ve been quoted by C-Span, and we’ve been consistently and continuously recognized for several years by the Washington Post as one of South Dakota’s top political blogs.

Our non-campaign season traffic averages 2500 unique individual visits daily, with read times averaging around 14 minutes. At times of flurried activity, the SDWC has reached as high as 8-9000 unique visits. Since around 2007, the SDWC runs an average of a million page hits a year.

We have a few select opportunities for advertising available for interested parties. 300×350 px banner spots are available with price based on page placement, as well as smaller advertisements on the left.

For more information on advertising opportunities, contact the webmaster at