Affidavit filed today in robocall civil suit

Stay tuned for more on this, as well as updates to the story.

But for your perusal:

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23 Replies to “Affidavit filed today in robocall civil suit”

  1. Anonymous

    HA, HA, HA, HA!! I knew it. HA! HA! HA! My the rest of the state see him for the person he really is. The NCIS investigator is BUSTED! HA, HA, HA!!

  2. Exodus

    This is sad. I’ve always liked Stace and though I get tired of his chest thumping and ego I really like him. Same with Gary Dykstra. These are nice people who got caught up in some stupid mistakes.

    Let this be a lesson to people. NEVER FOLLOW SOMEONE WHO IS EMOTIONAL ABOUT AN ISSUE. It clouds judgement.

    While I respect Willard’s service to this country I do not respect him as a political operative or his tactics.

  3. PP at the SDWC Post author

    I’ve got some mixed emotions on it myself, and at this point, it’s just one side of things. I’ve reached out to Stace for his side of things, so hopefully we’ll get the other side of the story soon.

    I would note that Stace has been, and I do consider him a friend, and one that particularly stayed on the side of the angels when a certain Senator was trumping up falsehoods and demanding investigations of Internet rumors against yours truly.

    So, before you all start casting stones, lets give him a moment to hear his side of the story.

  4. Exodus

    Here is what I don’t understand:

    Both Willard and Stace don’t care if they break a few eggs in their real lives so why did they do this anonymously? It would have given their issue with Vets more credibility to just come out as a group of veterans supporting an issue.

    Why were they secretive about it? Stace was already in hot water for a million other things so why not just take on leadership publicly?

    1. Bob Ellis

      I don’t know anything about why those involved did this anonymously. Personally I believe in putting your name behind what you say. But given the childish, petty, personal vindictiveness displayed by the RINO faction, I can understand why some folks would rather not put their name out there for the abuse.

      I don’t think that’s the case with Stace, though–and I suspect it wasn’t with anyone who might be involved with this. Rather, I suspect it was most likely that they really didn’t want it to become about the names, i.e. the personal politics. Our political sphere is so filled with juvenile people who would rather snipe at persons rather than deal with the merits of an issue, they probably wanted to make the content of the message about the ISSUE and try to avoid all the sniveling about so-and-so who did it, blah blah blah. Alas, they underestimated the vindictiveness of RINO Dennis Daugaard and Co., and now it’s become a snivel-fest anyway.

      It’s a shame that public policy has devolved to the state of a soap opera instead of being about the issues and the merits of the policy positions.

      1. The law matters

        Why did Stace deny involvement and knowledge on two separate occasions and now Dykstra implicates him in being involved?

        Is one of them lying perhaps Dykstra under oath? Dykstra also testified in front of the grand jury in lake county and Stace’s name was crossed off the grand jury indictment form.

        I do agree that we should let this play out and maybe Stace will come forward and conduct either an interview or deposition to clear his name.

        1. The Law Matters?????

          Seems someone has been leaking confidential Grand Jury information. Leaking ongoing investigative files is a class 1 Misdemeanor in SD, isn’t it? But then again, the law only matters when it can be twisted to go after political opponents.

          I remember reading these same comments when these same snakes lied and claimed Nelson threatened/tried to kill Nick Moser.

      2. Conservative Voter

        Bob how can you criticize so-called Rinos for attacking conservatives when your post attacks Rinos- hello pot- meet kettle? You are just as guilty as they are. Based on the comments on this blog, the far right does most of the attacking. How many people do you need to kick out of the party to be happy?

        1. Bob Ellis

          I don’t criticize RINOs for attacking conservatives per se. I criticize RINOs for being sellouts to the values of the party to which they claim allegiance, and for attacking those who actually do hold those values in high regard.

          That was such an asinine question, you might as well spew your pot/kettle bilge on police for giving criminals a hard time, or members of MADD for criticizing drunk driving, or a preacher for rebuking sin. Hello! The wrong isn’t isn’t in the attack, but in the duplicity, hypocrisy and distortion that are the hallmarks of RINO attacks. That moral equivalency crap is a worthless dog that don’t hunt.

  5. Anon

    Shame! I know Stace and considered him a friend even though I don’t like how he constantly attacks Republicans. This is very disappointing. It is one thing to attack people when those being attacked know who their accuser is- however to conspire to fund anonymous attacks against people is dispicable and cowardly. I post anonymously, but I dont attack people- it is because I fear of being attacked by the fringe groups like those supporting Stace. It is a sad day. I guess we now know who the trash talkers are on this blog.

    1. Freedom Rocks

      Anon – If you consider him a friend, what can he consider you?

      “Despicable and cowardly”, yet you are afraid of attack? Why should you be afforded the luxury of anonymity but call others names?

      Out of all those we have in Pierre, Stace is the man I would trust implicitly at my side if my or my family’s life was in danger or integrity was at issue. If you understand the word “friend” as Stace would use it, you will not abandon him now.

      He worships a just God. That I can tell you with certainty.

      1. Anon

        I don’t attack people anonymously- Stace apparently does. I will hold judgment until the judicial process works this out…but I will never defend Stace’s actions if determined to be true. If true, I hope he asks for forgiveness. If he makes excuses, I will never trust him again.

  6. MC Post author

    Innocent until proven guilty.

    We need to hear all the other sides of this story before passing any judgment.

  7. Dakota Kid

    If Stace is truly a man of honor he will tell the truth. If he tells the truth people will eventually forgive.

  8. Anonymous

    Curious how this is an affidavit not of Dykstra, or the transcript of what he supposedly said, but of a lawyer claiming this is his understanding of what Dykstra said.

    The affidavit is extremely vague as to what Nelson actually did, just claims he was involved or knowledgeable? Dykstra claims responsibility for all the moving parts either on him or Willard, so what did Nelson supposedly do?

    Surely this was all coincidence of Nelson being talked about to run against Rounds or Daugaard…

    1. Investigate it now

      Dykstra has been subpoenead to appear in court on Monday to testify. This was probably filed because either Dykstra has not seen the transcript and had time to sign an affidavit or because of a judicial deadline set by the judge forcing the attorney to file an affidavit of attorney.

    2. The law matters

      Two words: cross examination. Prevents Tornow from cross examining Dkystra until Lederman calls him to testify. If the judge allows the suit to move forward without live testimony and finds the pleadings sufficient…big win for Lederman.

      Smart move at the pleadings stage.

  9. Troy Jones Post author

    Three comments:

    1) This is pretty common with regard to summarizing deposition transcripts in civil proceedings. I’ve seen something similar at least a few times. I don’t know if it is common in criminal cases but it makes sense for the good of all. It insures that ancillary and what may appear to be incriminating items because they are out of context or an opinion (I think the phrase is “without basis”) don’t get disseminated. This is cleaner and the attorney’s reputation is on the line that it be accurate. Arends is a solid attorney of impeccable reputation.

    I am not an attorney and didn’t stay at a Holiday Inn Express recently but I think this is probably part of an effort to get Stace joined to the lawsuit, have him produce documents, and then allow him to be deposed where he gives his side of the story.

    2) This is just one side. All need to keep an open mind and not jump to conclusions. After #1 is completed, Stace’s involvement may be inocuous or not. We will know more later. Nobody should be tried in the court of public opinion, definitely not before they have had their day in court.

    3) I’ve always been of the opinion that everyone should just come clean, be contrite, ask for forgiveness, resolve to not do it again and do something in atonement. This encompasses what makes for a good confession for a Catholic and it will be more than good enough for me, especially since it is good enough for God. 🙂

  10. The Truth

    I said the LTE he wrote a few days ago stunk. This deal really stinks.

    His self description in the letter surely doesn’t comply with the insinuation here.


  11. anonymous

    So much drama over something trivial that 99 percent of South Dakotans couldn’t care less about.