After dumping hundreds of thousands into primary elections, Convention of States coming back to Pierre with their hand out. Good luck with that one.

After dumping hundreds of thousands into state elections with highly negative advertising that didn’t ring true in many cases, the Convention of States has announced that they are coming to the State Capitol with their hat in hand, asking for legislation:

Former U.S. Senator and presidential candidate Rick Santorum will return to the South Dakota Capitol in December, marking his second trip to Pierre this year.

The Convention of States advocacy group, which is pushing for South Dakota to join 19 other states in calling for a constitutional convention, announced Monday morning that Santorum will make remarks from the Capitol Visitor Center on Dec. 6 ahead of Gov. Kristi Noem’s annual budget address.

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If you don’t recall the story from a few months ago…

The track record of the convention group’s spending is spotty. In South Dakota, where the group and its affiliates spent more than $200,000 targeting four state Senate seats, Duvall was the only one of its targets to lose. And the challenger who beat her, Jim Mehlhaff, said in an interview that he thinks the group’s intervention hurt him.

“I didn’t appreciate the negative tone of their mailers. It probably cost me some votes,” said Mehlhaff, a former member of Pierre’s city commission who had his own base of support in the district before the intervention of Convention of States. “This is South Dakota. People don’t like negative campaigns.”

Read that here.  Also very good reading on their assault on democracy here.

This group went scorched earth in the legislative primaries, and now are coming back with hat in hand asking for legislation?

I’m sure that’s going to go well for them.  Good luck with that one. Especially in the State Senate.

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  1. We do not need a Convention of States, we need the Constitution to be followed and our laws to be enforced.

    1. Easily said, not easy being done. Both parties have ignored the Constitution and love living on the gravy train.

    2. We also need to realize we are living under constitution the federal courts have altered and obliterated. Article V was put in the Constitution to address government overreach… You know like the Bill of Rights (all added to the Constitution later) as well as the 11th Amendment which was added to address the courts expansion of power.
      Quit being afraid of the Constitution (yes, Convention of States is in the Constitution) and use it. The ENTIRE Constitution needs to be utilized including Article V.

  2. Anyone that think citizens come “hat in hand” to the legislature misunderstands the system of government in our Republic.
    100’s of South Dakotans were at the committee hearings last session. Schoenbeck called them crazy and dismissed them. Pretty sure Mark Levin got wind of it and challenged Schoenbeck to a debate on the matter on his live radio program (10 million listeners). If this group spent that kind of cash, it is because of Schoenbeck’s arrogance and unprofessionalism.
    Google “Schoenbeck rocks in their heads” and you will see what I mean.

    1. Hundreds of South Dakotans? Pfft. Schoenbeck and real conservatives know the COS group are a bunch of clowns.

  3. I DO NOT propose nor support the constitution of states by a foreign lobby. I been lobbying for an asking the peoppe and their legislature to establish a State convention here in S.D whereas the people can elect delegates from each precinct to meet in a neutral place to discuss a true grass roots movement to create concepts that can become amendments to federal constitution. This way we act as one group in a public settingt8 create our own concepts, while the legislature codifies them, while we ask the governor to lobby and form a coalition of states to support an effort to have the U.S SENATE to debate proposed amendments in the congress. While at the same time, wr lobby all the legislatures to petition each other to apply for a convention IF and when they get 34 of them together. I vote to NOT support the current foreign lobby cause the concepts they support are NOT born in S.D

    1. Serious people war game like Mike ^

      If you haven’t taken some time to seriously study the COSA proposal before making a decision, you should take some time to seriously study the COSA proposal.

      1. I have studied the constitution and the effects of a CONVENTION for many years Please do not attack my knowledge. I have never spoke out against a Covention. I simply stated I do NOT support to latch on to support a convention of states in the manner being proposed or lobbied. I am deeply enriched and involved in the constitution. And everyone who knows me knows that I am huge on understanding the PROCESS of governing, not so much tied to political or buyouts of the process itself.

        IF you read ARTICLE V very closely, there are 3 ways of amending the constitution, of which 2 are highly promoted

        1) Utilizing Congress to place concepts on the docket of the Senate and/or House Chambers allowing COngress to debate the issues;

        2) Utilizing the State Legislatures to convene and unite as a collective group of States to apply to Congress to hold a Convention of States..

        3) Less known, but mentioned under Article V is the means of the Citizens of each State to organize within the State(s) themselves to hold State Conventions, where as the people elect Delegates to represent each Legislative District (35) and/or Precincts (687) whereas the people and their legislators unite within a Convention to publically discuss “Concepts” of which upon the convention adopting, lead to the legislature itself to codify them into proposed Amendments to the United States Constitution.

        What I proposed was allowing the people of S.D to create a true “Grass-Roots” movement inside South Dakota, working side by side with their legislature to propose, discuss, and adopt concepts that will become the State’s proposed Amendments, then by means of legislation, ‘we’ as a state recommend the GOVERNOR to go from state to state, something Gov. Noem is good at – to lobby other States to help unite with us to create that discussion nation wide. The end result, should be to have the Legislatures convince the U.S Senators to place our proposed amendments on the Senate floor, while the Legislatures themselves, aside from the U.S Senate, are discussing the matter outside of Congress side by side.

        As the Congress is debating the concepts, the legislatures are having the same discussions as a coalition, and whereas the States get 34-36 of them united, that places emphasis on Congress to act, and if it does NOT act, well, the States are finally organized, enough so, that they can “Apply for, and Petition Congress” to establish the rules for, time, place, location of a Convention of States.

        My way would not have support of a more progressive movement that wants to change the constitution “Now”, cause their only goal is to force the issue on the people, rather than “Allowing the Governing Process” to play itself out in a slow, but very positive manner”

        We should be promoting “positive law” and not by means of force.

        The governing process was designed to move slowly, as to NOT step on the toes of the people, allowing for the people to slowly debate, discuss, and come around to such ideas and concepts without stepping on each others toes.

        To often we attempt to change or create laws for the sake of adopting laws, and we often forget to have the debate over a given, stated period of time.

        NO, I will NOT support, nor promote the Convention of States as proposed today. “WE” should want to create a true grassroots movement inside the state by first bringing the 687 precincts together in a true ‘Republican” form of governing process.

        Mike Zitterich

        1. Furthermore, you do realize, there is NO clear understanding of how to amend the constitution. Do the Legislatures need COngress to adopt ana amendment or not, Or can they do so without even talking to congress?

          My belief is this, “AS” we the people of each of the 50 states each hold State Conventions one by one, discussing and adopting Amendments, “WE” act through our Legislatures upon the conventions adopting concepts, to adopt and ratify our own Amendments WHich of course, our Governors by means of “Board of Governors” then act together to convince each “state legislature to adopt those amendments. As we achieve and obtain 38 State Legislatively Ratified Amendments, they are deemed Ratified, and Congress then is sworn to place them in the U.S Constitution. So, yes, 50 Independent State Conventions can do this themselves without a convention of states.

  4. These Clown POS need to have their hat handed to them. And they will. Again. And any candidate they support should be drummed out. And they will.

  5. Anyone who isn’t even willing to consider an Article V convention doesn’t really think things are all that bad. The Founders built an escape hatch right into the Constitution to deal with runaway governments like the one we have right now.

    1. zMr. Oakes: I know how truly dedicated you are to our country and what MOST of us stand for. When our Constitution was written and the amendments were originally agreed upon, people could be TRUSTED to do what the people wanted when it came to making any changes be they additional amendments or repeals at such a CoS.
      I think you may agree with me that the character of most elected officials today is not of the same character of those in 1789.
      Worse than the countries that hate us due to our successes and freedoms are the INDIVIDUALS that hate us and not only will do all they have too make us a part of their empire, but also HAVE THE MONEY TO DO SO! There is nothing to prevent this handful of haters to pool their resources and pay off delegates to a CoS to do their bidding. $10M per PERSON per vote is probably a drop in the bucket to these globalists like Soros, Schwab, Gates and their ilk.
      Only MANDATORY FEDERAL PRISON TIME with no possibility of parole or presidential pardon for those not voting the wish of their constituents and should be the MINIMUM PENALTY for violating their Oaths at a CoS. If they did vote in support of the globalists’ wishes, that would be treason and I’d prefer execution as the penalty.
      Until then, I cannot trust this Sacred Document of people I don’t know.
      In closing, I have seen and heard CoS major mouthpiece, Mr. Meckler speak on behalf of CoS. His arrogant attitude and dismissive attitude toward people who disagree with him is not a good look. Your CoS might be better off using a more reasonable and convincing representative to speak on your behalf. At last check, he and his family is receiving around $500,000 to push your message. Is he worth it?
      I agree with previous posters who state that there is nothing wrong with our Constitution…IT NEEDS TO BE FOLLOWED.

      1. I’m sure a large part of the attitude problem stems from constantly having to correct the willful ignorance and blatant lies told by A5 opponents.

        That said, you’re not wrong. The whole organization could absolutely use a messaging makeover. It’s a shame that something so important gets shot down due to feelings instead of facts.

  6. COS has tremendous support for the mission of returning to constitutional rule by the people.

    As more understand the boundaries established by the process, the likelihood that it will enter into process increases.

    I’m looking closely at the cross representation of various organizations.

    Is COS legitimate in SD?

    It looks that way ..

  7. So Ricky’s shilling for appearance fees from crackpot-idea fundraising machines these days. Will he be selling My Pillows next? How the semi-mighty have fallen . . .

  8. Given the mendacity and downright evil of the green energy cult, and the utopian electric-vehicle mandates already on the books in a dozen states, the day will come when diesel fuel is outlawed in much of the country and only EVs are allowed. Goodbye farming. Goodbye trucking. That would cripple food production.

    By then an Article V convention would be be too late to do any good. Rather, when the chaos hits — and it will — sane states will want to sever ties to the crazies. And secession is a whole different animal than amendments.

    My advice: Keep our Hutterite friends on speed dial for take-out.

  9. It seems like another fund raising scheme to me. The Party seems to be making a lot of scamsters very wealthy while ignoring the clear purpose of every political organization, to advance the interests of ALL its’ adherents. Instead, these folks foster division and fragmentation.

  10. For years people who weren’t exactly opposed to a COS, but were worried that it could be difficult to control and it could turn into a runaway convention, were told their concerns were groundless.

    While we laughed when the SD Constitution Party’s convention blew up and the party ceased to exist because of Hubbel and LaFleur, we didn’t think anything like that could happen again. And then we had the chaos at the SDGOP convention caused by Taffy and the Wackadoodles.
    But now we know. Once convened, there’s no telling what might happen. Be careful what you wish for.

    1. Except, what happens at political party conventions is final, so it’s a bad analogy. Whatever happens at an A5 convention has to THEN be ratified by 3/4 of the states in order to be enacted. I’m not making this up. It’s right there in the Constitution.

      Is it risky? I suppose, but only if 38 states (or whatever 3/4 is by the time we get around to this) are on board with whatever runaway craziness gets passed at the convention. At that point, we’re lost anyway.

      If you ask me, we have a lot more to fear with the current method of metaphorically passing Congress the keys to the car while they’re drunk. If they were ever going to balance the budget or instill term limits, they would have done it by now.

  11. Mark Meckler’s “Convention of States” organization claims that their goal is get Congress to call a Convention under Article V of our Constitution so that they can get amendments to “limit the power and jurisdiction of the federal government”. But Robert P. George, a Princeton Law Professor who is on Meckler’s “COS” Legal Advisory Board, has already co-authored a new Constitution which delegates massive new powers to a new federal government and imposes gun controls with red flag confiscations. Read about it {and see the Proof } here:

    1. Ms. Martin – You’re going to absolutely flip when you find out a third of Congress would outlaw personal firearm ownership completely if given the chance. And yet, nobody is questioning THEIR authority to draw up Constitutional amendments. Why? Because the States still have to ratify any amendment they pass… Just the same as an Article V convention. (Please, go back and read that last sentence, because most people don’t.)

      1. With all due respect: If Congress calls a Convention under Article V, US Constitution, the Delegates have the self-evident right to throw off the Constitution we have and draft a new one which has its own mode of ratification. This is the Principle [recognized in our Declaration of Independence]
        which James Madison invoked (see Federalist Paper No. 40 at the 15th para) to justify the Delegates’ ignoring their instructions to propose amendments to the Articles of Confederation and writing a
        new Constitution with its own (and easier) mode of ratification.

        Furthermore, James Madison expressly warned that those who secretly wish to get a new
        Constitution would push for a convention under the pretext of getting amendments. Here is what
        he said about this and where he said it:

        And do read the article about the gun-grabbing proposed new Constitution already co-authored by the COS Legal Advisory Board Member Robert P. George!

        One is required, by all Principles of Morality and Intellectual Honesty, to check out what he has been told before he repeats it as “Fact”. I present documented facts – check them out. “COS” never proves their claims and assurances.

        1. I certainly appreciate the thought and time you’ve given this topic. I wish everyone would do this level of research instead of just relying on JBS and CoS propaganda.

          That said, again with utmost respect, you’re throwing out a boogeyman as though it’s fact. The Articles of Confederation were superseded by the Constitution not because they had a convention and drew up a new Constitution, but rather **because all 13 States ratified the new Constitution**. And that’s the point here. Sure, fine, whatever… A “runaway” Article V convention could theoretically recommend throwing out the entire Constitution and starting over. But their recommendation doesn’t hold ANY weight unless 38 state legislatures agree to ratify.

          So let me ask you, do you really believe we couldn’t find 13 states to stand up and say, “No. We’re not going to let the Constitution (and more specifically the Second Amendment) be supplanted.” More than 40% of state legislatures allow firearms in their capitol buildings! Do you honestly think they’re lining up to strip away 2A rights?

          Congress is hard at work, day and night, deepening our insolvency. That is not going to change for the better on its own. The only ones trying to do anything about fixing that are those calling for an Article V convention. So with that, I invite you to be part of the solution, instead of fighting those who are working toward a solution. If not, you’re part of the problem.

          1. Your comments are not responsive to the points I have made.

            You seem to be ignoring the history of our federal “amendments” convention of 1787 and the warnings of James Madison that those who secretly wish to get a new Constitution will push for a convention under the pretext of getting amendments; the Principle recognized in our Declaration of Independence of the self-evident Right of a People to throw off their gov’t and set up a new one; and the blatant fact that a Member of the “Convention of States” Legal Advisory Board has already co-authored a new Constitution which grants massive new powers to a new federal government including the constitutional power of red flag gun confiscations! And this new Constitution already co-authored by the COS Board Member is only one of the various proposed replacement Constitutions already written.

            I have been fighting for some 10 years at the tip of the spear against an Article V convention and I know the arguments. I also know the literature of our Founding Era and our history. And I understand our federal Constitution – as my many papers on this show.

            The convention pushers are not telling the truth when they assure you that a convention is safe. All that they say in this regard is demonstrably false. I have proved this.

            Furthermore: have you ever considered how it came about that the federal gov’t has so much control over the States, local governments, and The People? Federal funds! Yes, the feds were able to get control over education because they sent lots of [borrowed] money to the States to implement federal educational programs. The feds were able to take control of the hospitals because those who obeyed federal protocols re treatments got [borrowed] federal funds for doing so. The feds were able to take control over agriculture by giving Farmers [borrowed] federal funds to go along with federal farming programs. The feds are taking control over local zoning by giving County Commissioners federal redevelopment grants [borrowed money]. The feds were able to take control over the People by seducing them with federal welfare programs, federal “safety nets”, etc. – again, all of this is borrowed money. So! Americans can stuff themselves with junk food, give themselves diabetes, cancer, etc., etc., and the federal gov’t pays their medical bills!

            Americans love handouts – they love free stuff – they love living at other peoples’ expense. They love not having to be responsible for their own lives.

            Like Esau, we sold our sacred heritage for handouts from the federal gov’t. So think not that the States and The People are innocent victims of federal tyranny. Quite the opposite. The States, local governments, hospitals, farmers, educational institutions, etc., and The People enthusiastically went along with the unconstitutional federal programs because of the lovely federal funds they got for going along with the feds.

            Blaming the federal gov’t – or even worse, blaming our Constitution – for our problems indulges what has become one of Americans’ favorite sins: Blame-shifting.

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