After Stehly tossed, one of her most vocal backers throws in towel.

A self-written obituary of sorts appeared late last night.

After screaming at the city council in recent weeks, calling them hypocrites before the mayor asked security to remove him, as well as calling the people who voted for Alex Jensen and against Theresa Stehly stupid…

I have said if the election was held on April 14th it would have been a landslide for her. Why? Because the normal percentage of voters who pay attention to city politics would have shown up and cast the appropriate informed vote.


A bunch of uninformed, partisan, primary voters showed up to elect a ‘real’ establishment Republican to the city council, not having a clue that this was a non-partisan race.


Theresa lost because 98 more ignorant fools voted for the other guy.

Read that here. sounds like one of Theresa Stehly’s most vocal allies, Scott Ehrisman, is declaring that he’s throwing in the towel.

Ehrisman, the author of the South DaCola blog, has long been held out as an example of the negative parts of the local blogosphere.  And true to form, last night he claimed he’s quitting because everybody is stupid:

I guess the real reason I am quitting is because I don’t think I am making a dent in stopping or even slowing city government corruption. The elected officials over the past 6 years have become more corrupt, more unethical, hypocritical and quite honestly a lot dumber, unprepared, sophomoric and naïve.

Read it here.

As was put to me this morning by someone who noticed the post, saying “it’s his fault,” referring to his negativity, that they worked so hard to get Theresa defeated.

Regardless, who knew the Stehly defeat would come with fringe benefits?  (Even though it sounds a lot like the last time he “quit.”)

9 Replies to “After Stehly tossed, one of her most vocal backers throws in towel.”

  1. Anonymous

    One down and the next to depart is Dakota Free Press with those same old out of state name callers.

  2. Scotty Signing Off

    I hope Scott finds happiness and self-awareness in life. It’s clear from his writings and statements that he’s a sad, lonely, bitter and cynical person who is desperately trying to overcompensate for a lack of logic.

  3. Anonymous

    Way too much negativity; I guess some people thrive on that. His mama obviously never taught him the old adage, “If you can’t say something nice about someone don’t say anything at all”.

  4. Anonymous

    So these self-described voices of “the people,” Theresa Stehly and Scott Ehrisman, would have prevailed if only “the people” hadn’t shown up and voted.

    Got it.

  5. Thomas

    I understand why he is calling it quits. It has to be extremely exhausting being the smartest person in the state and knowing how everything should work. Poor guy, if we had only listened to his superior intellect. KHANNNNNNNNNN!

  6. Jon

    “I guess the real reason I am quitting is because I don’t think I am making a dent in stopping or even slowing city government corruption.” – Translation: “I finally realized how completely irrelevant my blog was.” Probably finally figured out that 90% of the comments on the page were just one guy thinking he was funny.

  7. LJL

    If you attempted to debate him, he blocked your posts. Only took 13 years but finally he caves…for now..?

    1. Anonymous

      I wonder if his favorite commentator VSG will show up here on this blog to spew his Liberal garbage and use that dumb cartoon Woodstock quotes thinking he is funny. Maybe he can educate everyone on here about Taupeville and how everyone South of 57th st in Sioux Falls is evil.


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