Aker felony charges dismissed? No news on it yet, but he claims it has happened.

From Facebook comes an interesting anecdote in the recent trial where former State Senator Alan Aker was charged with a felony for de-fence-ive actions:

I havent read a release about the charges being withdrawn, but if that’s a correct statement, it comes on the heels of the prosecutor declaring that charges would be re-filed:

The 7-woman, 5-man jury found Aker not guilty of a misdemeanor trespass charge tied to the Feb. 6 incident in which Akers admittedly used a chainsaw to cut 50 feet of hand-hewn log railing from the deck of a customer who had refused to make a final $2,600 payment for his work.

Immediately following the verdict, Lawrence County Deputy State’s Attorney Brenda Harvey vowed to retry Aker on at least one felony count of intentional damage to property. Fourth Circuit Court Judge Randall L. Macy set a Sept. 6 status hearing, at which time a new trial date is expected to be scheduled, Harvey said.

“We are going to go to trial again,” she said, declining further comment.

Read that here.

Stay tuned, as we will find out soon enough.

3 Replies to “Aker felony charges dismissed? No news on it yet, but he claims it has happened.”

    1. Anonymous

      Were they dismissed to be refiled later? I wouldn’t be spending all my bail money on a vacation yet.

  1. grudznick

    Not innocent. A vandal at the least, and a thief at the worst. This fellow is a little bit insaner than most.