Al Novstrup urges voters to cast a ballot for hope, not the politics of the Liberal ‘mob’

From the Aberdeen American News, State Senator Al Novstrup points out the differences between treating people with civility, and the lberal “mob” politics of his opponent:

With only a few days until the election, I want to thank everyone in my district for your patience and consideration. I know politics can get nasty, but that is not, nor will it ever be, my style.

Unfortunately, even here in Aberdeen we have people who do not believe in clean politics. My opponent, who also ran against me in 2016, recently defended his name calling in a letter to the editor (“Senate candidate’s remarks explained,” Public Voice, Oct. 16). Mr. Heidelberger’s style is to denigrate anyone he disagrees with. He calls others corrupt, dishonest, a bigot, lazy or a racist. He also dismisses Christian values as “Christian right” and unworthy of fair consideration. He even calls pro-life policies immoral.


There is a clear difference in style. My style is to treat everyone, even those I disagree with, with respect. Mr. Heidelberger has a long history of quickly ending the debate with name calling. A democracy can’t exist without honest, comprehensive and respectful debate.

Read it all here.

If you recall, Al’s opponent wouldn’t shake his hand, and spent his time engaging in name calling after his crushing 22% loss in the last election:

On election night, when his defeat was clear, Cory didn’t bother to call his opponent and congratulate him. In fact, in his first postscript on the election, as opposed to congratulating Novstrup, he stooped so low as to engage in name-calling.  It was the ultimate in being a sore loser.

Read it here.

It doesn’t sound like this election is set to be any different.

3 Replies to “Al Novstrup urges voters to cast a ballot for hope, not the politics of the Liberal ‘mob’”

  1. vote for Al

    Vote for Al

    A great guy who will continue to serve SD well

    He has saved over 300 lives because of the legislation he has championed!

  2. Anonymous

    Al, you are running against Hamburglar? Lucky! Hamburglar is such a toxic atheist that I don’t think he has a chance. I have belly button lint with more integrity than Hamburglar.


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