Al Novstrup will be back in the State Senate

State Representative Al Novstrup is not sitting still. With his son David taking a pass on running for the State Senate, Novstrup announced to SDWC today that he is “running for the Senate and will put in my petitions this week.”

Novstrup is a veteran legislator, and has managed to face down experienced democrat candidates in previous elections.

This year, Novstrup faces new Aberdeen resident Cory Heidelberger, who most recently ran for city commission a matter of days after arriving to townships past year, only to withdraw from the contest days prior to his eventual loss.

12 Replies to “Al Novstrup will be back in the State Senate”

  1. Lynn

    Al is a great guy who level headed, respectful, soft spoken, sincere and really takes the time to learn both sides of an issue. I may not agree with 100% of his stances or votes but I have a great deal of respect for him and he will have my full support.

      1. Lynn

        Tom. I could be wrong but I highly doubt District 3 will want to send an unstable flame thrower to Pierre where he will be ineffective and it will end up being a wasted seat. It is not about serving the people but his own ego and he will be willing to throw others under the bus to forward his personal agenda.

  2. The Guy from Guernsey

    The formidable nature of Heidelberger’s challenge as a threat to the Novstrup political oligarchy is already noted.

    The normal interval of the elder Novstrup’s rotation between the chambers of the legislature has been 6 years (thus the claim that he has never been term-limited out of office). He is seeking to cross over to the Senate after only 2 years in the House.

    Much like Edward Longshanks pushed his son aside to protect the interest of the family throne in Scotland, so also Al Novstrup rides forward to protect the family interests in District 03.


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